Thursday, December 1, 2011

Trevor Eckhart Finds Illegal Eavesdropping Software On Smart Phones...This Means All Your Information Belongs To Me *Sinister Laugh

I stumbled onto this story yesterday. I forgot about it in the midst of my heated exchange with Billy Moonbat. What is Carrier IQ? It is software that is hidden and concealed on your phone. It not only turns your smartphone into a tracking device, but it records the keystrokes you make.

This is really disturbing stuff. It violates the law. But what is really odd is that this software was installed by big companies with shit hot lawyers who are supposed to know about laws like illegal wiretapping. Good story here.


Anonymous said...

Thank God we still live in a country where citizens can blow the whistle on things like this without fear of reprisal.

Hopefully somebody will pay.

Wraith said...

It's almost like those companies knew that they wouldn't be investigated by our watchful and valiant DoJ. Hmm.

LindaG said...

Anyone who thought differently is of the reasons I simply don't want a cell phone. Well, that, and I just don't want to be available to everyone all of the time. Hey, that's what they made answering machines for, right?