Monday, November 28, 2011

Barney Frank Retires, Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish

More good news today. One of the architects of the financial collapse of this country is calling it quits. Barney Frank who was looking at a district full of new, enlightened, and angry voters did what cowards do best. He retired.

Barney Frank embodied every thing that I detest in politicians. He was a bought and paid for banking shill who sat on that committee. He took his bribes campaign contributions from bankers. He literally co-erced banking interests into forcibly relaxing lending standards so that people who should not have been able to buy homes did. Owning a home is not an entitlement. When Fannie and Freddie flamed out, once again there was Frank blaming everyone but himself. Barney Frank couldn't take responsibility for his actions or tell the truth if he had to. He is the epitome of a slimy politician. Morally and ethically bankrupt.

I could cite many instances of the lies and corruption (not to mention the male whorehouse he ran out of his apt.) that Frank engaged in but quite honestly, I don't want his memory to linger any longer than it must. May the last thing anyone ever  remember about you Barney Frank- is this 50 second you tube video that captured the very essence of who and what you are.

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