Friday, December 2, 2011

Is There Any Integrity Left in Government Produced Statistics? With Additional and Generalized Ranting...

When I saw the giant unemployment drop this morning to 8.6%, my initial thought was the usual and seasonal hiring that occurs in November. After looking at some charts posted on ZeroHedge, I realized Bureau of Labor Statistics or BLS numbers are simply worthless.

The elections are coming. If you want to read some really funny shit- read Dave in Denver. I love this guy and I've made him a must read every day.

You can't count people who are leaving the workforce. I am one of them. I collect my retirement benefits and thumb my nose at the worthless 9 dollar an hour jobs with bad hours and no benefits. Why? Because I can. For that, I am truly grateful.

Let me tell you a little story. I inquired about a a thrift store "asst. manager" job about a year ago. I asked the manager to list the duties. Unload trucks, load trucks, make schedules, price inventory, balance books, etc. How much did that job pay? A whopping 8.25 an hr. with a .50 cent an hour raise after 90 days! Oh happy day! I looked at this gal and I said, "I made that much money 30 years ago throwing freight for Albertson's. Gas was less than a buck a gallon in those days, everyone had insurance, and the cost of living was less than 1/2 of what it is now." She looked at me and said, "We have hundreds of applications for this job."

That is the Idaho Youth Ranch. A charitable organization for everyone donating and doing the work. The directors aren't so charitable.  The directors of the Youth Ranch are making nice cozy 6 figure salaries while exploiting desperate workers and paying chump change.

I simply do not know how people are making it. Many of the people I know have become long term charity cases. We have an absolute health care epidemic on our hands. This sneaky administration passed a bill and put off all of the harmful (taxing) effects until after the 2012 elections. Jobs with health benefits are completely missing. Maybe, and I am being generous here but including part time jobs, one out of ten jobs have health benefits in Boise. Those that do- get swamped with applications.

I can't t trust anything about government anymore. I don't trust the numbers they generate including that fraudulent CPI number minus food and energy. I don't trust big banks and central banks and I certainly don't trust the stock market which is simply owned now by banking interests. Those cowardly politicians we have in DC- cannot even do their jobs. They can't and won't pass a budget.

We have been lied to for four years. When does this country wake up? After eight years of lies? We are going to find out in eleven months just how pissed off this country is. I gotta feeling there are millions of folks like me. I am not sure how bad this economy has to get, or how much longer government can deceive it's citizens, before we have a national melt down. I'm not talking about electing another set of crooked and worthless politicians- I am talking about a Constitutional Convention among states to return the rule of law to this country and end the FED. Anything short of that- is business as usual.


LindaG said...

Brian, my biggest fear is that we actually DO get a Constitutional Convention. The People have absolutely zero control, and cannot undo any changes made during such convention. Frankly, it is one of my biggest fears! Instead, well, I'm not sure what instead, but a Constitutional Convention is not the answer. Be careful of what you wish for! For example, a Constitutional Convention could vote to abolish the Constitution entirely....and you and I have not a whit's chance in hell of reversing that decision. Having said that, I feel exactly as you do. These are very sad, very dark days we live in. I'm not sure what the answer is. I'm feeling very boxed in these days.

Brian said...

The original and intended split of government was a 50/50 split between the states and the FEDs. Power has essentially been usurped by the Fed Gov. I am not worried about the states abandoning the constitution...what I am really afraid of is that the kleptocracy is going to render it useless.

We will see if Obamacare passes SCOTUS. At that point the government will have the precedent to order us to do anything.

Thanks for stopping by Linda..

republicanmother said...

We've been lied to for decades. And because these banksters were able to get away with it for so long, they figure we're the dumbest suckers that ever walked the earth and they can have their way with us.

What you gonna do? They own the arsenal of the US military. And they're trying like heck to put in sham law as the dollar collapses and the whole country starts to wake up to the biggest con in recorded history.

Brian said...

Republican Mother:

I love your style. Truly. I agree with everything you say.