Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Boise Bum Barometer

Activity in Boise among the bums is really picking up. I have seen bums in places I have never seen them before. Many are holding gas cans. Gas cans, in addition to the usual cardboard pleas, are the new props.


Just the other day, I saw a hot looking gal (I am not making this up) holding up a cardboard sign at Orchard and Overland. I have never seen a bum on this corner prior to that spotting. Nor have I ever seen such an attractive gal out pan handling. Bizarro world. If I see Ward and June Cleaver and the Beav out pan handling- I will not be surprised.

In fact, I am seeing quite a few women popping up all over town. I have never seen that before. I saw three yesterday.

There is now evidence of shift changes and platooning. On a couple of days, I have had to go back and forth between the Lowe's/WalMart complex on West Overland. This is a popular spot for bums. I now notice that the bums are changing faces but inhabiting the same popular spots.

I have also noticed more and more people giving the bums money. Personally,  I think I will hand out holiday 40's and smokes. Save them a trip back to the store.

I use the BBB to gauge the health of our economy. In fact, I have found the predictive value of the BBB to be an accurate portrait of the state of our economy. Judging from the looks of our bums, things aren't getting any better.

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