Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Government Won't Destroy the Constitution, It Will Simply Render It Useless and Silence the Lambs

It's a simple game. Steal all of the money and you impose slavery on your people.

Seven giant mainstream media outlets force feed you a diet of Kim Kardashian, Dancing With the Stars, and new narcissistic diets- and the public is happy.

Then while you aren't looking, these government bastards are stealing your money and delivering it to banker cronies. They are creating giant bureaucracies (TSA) starting new wars, (pick a middle eastern country) and they are busy stealing your freedom. (Patriot Act)

An added bonus. Here's a piece on how your government and bankers, aided by the Patriot Act- allowed illegal aliens to do cash out re-fi's.

Now comes the new National Defense Authorization Act. Quite simply, this law allows military detention of American citizens, without trial and indefinitely. I'm not kidding. No due process. We are talking about citizens that the government "suspects" to be domestic terrorists. In essence that means anyone that speaks out against government can be detained- indefinitely.

Here's what Forbes has to say about it.

Our government has become master oppressors. As they spend us into oblivion, they seek to instill the fear of God in us by threats of force. Don't pay your taxes and you will go to prison. Speak out against the government (adios freedom of speech) and say hello to indefinite detention as a domestic terrorist.

We have economic slavery. Now this Frankenstein abomination of a government seeks to steal all of our freedom under the guise of "protecting us." The worst part about this? The vast majority, read statists, liberals, and sheep, don't care. They think all of this is just chicken little rhetoric despite the fact that you would have to be Helen Keller not to see this coming.

So while the lambs read about some worthless tart on the msn homepage or try desperately to extend their lives by eating organic food and wearing bicycle helmets...the rest of us will prepare. A vicious fight is about to break out between the wolves who have lulled the sheep to sleep and the wary sheepdogs who are here to protect the sheep.

Damn, I wish they'd get this party started soon- I'm not getting any younger.

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shakealeg said...

Ha! That's what I told my only sane friend who knows what's really coming down the pipe. Get on with it already. The waiting around for it is killing me. Let the revolution begin already.