Thursday, December 8, 2011

Government Dumps U.S. Military Personnel Remains in Landfill

Like we need any more help disliking or distrusting our government. Wow.

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Always On Watch said...

I heard about this on the morning news as I was fixing breakfast.

What kind of assholes would commit such an atrocity?

I'm unclear as to whether the fault lies with the mortuary or the military?

I actually ran into a similar problem last year at a cemetery to which I took my aunt's cremains. The people at the cemetery, located in a now-terrible section just outside DC, wanted me just to drop off my aunt's cremains without letting the family see the urn buried. It was one helluva mess to get the cemetery to give in. And, really, the cemetery folks didn't give in: they only let us stay graveside until the urn was partially buried. I've often wondered if, after we left, they dug up the urn, dumped it somewhere, and sold the urn to a crack dealer.