Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Blago Awaits Sentencing, Quick Search Finds That Of Course, He Has a Law Degree

I've been following the Rod Blagojevich story. http://chicagoist.com/2011/12/06/blagos_sentencing_begins_today.php

After 25 years spent listening to the greatest egos on the planet, I can sniff out a lawyer faster than a hound can tree a coon. I just had to look. History major. Of course.


Blago does his lawyer friends a dis-service. Mostly lawyers are some of the sneakiest, conniving assholes on the planet. The vast majority of lawyers that I knew- were engaged in various nefarious activities. Most of those had enough common sense not to disclose their greedy agendas- Blago does not number among them.

In fact he says while attending Pepperdine (a fucking gorgeous place by the way) he barely knew where the law library was. No shit.

The prosecution rests your honor.

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