Monday, December 5, 2011

Can United States Citizens Fight Government and Win? Yes, Let's Quit Paying Taxes and Occupy Prison

I want you to imagine the perfect contract with our government. They agree not to go out and spend a lot of money on useless things. Like banker bailouts. If they do want to bail out banks and raise taxes, they must get approval from voters first. If they fail to do that- they must suffer the consequences.

Despite an overwhelming response from United States citizens in 2008 that were opposed to our government bailing out banks- they went ahead and did it anyway.

This is not any different than you telling your son that he cannot spend the 4000 dollars you gave him for college tuition on heroin. He is a "recovering" addict. He goes ahead and does it anyway. Then he tells you that he went ahead and took out an additional loan from the bank to replace the tuition money. He says it's your responsibility to make the payments and pay it back.

Think that metaphor is far fetched? That's exactly what your government did to you.

It brings up an interesting point. Why would you feel liable to make the payments on the debt your son acquired after he wasted his tuition buying heroin and feeding his addiction? At what point does your son's or your government's outrageous and illegal conduct, entitle you to sever yourself from responsibility? Does it ever? In other words, is a government entitled to spend and waste money on absolutely anything it chooses, from banker bailouts, to subsidizing cronies at Solyndra, to giving tens of  thousands of government workers six figure salaries, health benefits and pensions, or starting a war here or there and committing us to another lost trillion or two? When are we going to quit enabling our government- allowing it- to spend like some crazed drug addict and dropping the bill in our mailbox?

At what point is someone going to step in and say this has to stop? Apparently the answer to that question- is never. There is no way to regulate this government. All of the regulating mechanisms have been removed. It is beyond control. The proof is a 15 trillion dollar debt and another 100 trillion due and payable in the next 20 years.

The only appropriate response for the actions of your addict son is to refuse to pay for the loan he took out. The only appropriate response to stop a completely unregulated  government and that unlimited credit line they have awarded themselves- is to quit paying taxes. That is the only bloodless recourse. 

And I will say it is appropriate. Once your government has become a lawless criminal enterprise beyond the scope of law and regulation- a government that no longer answers to it's citizens- the rules must change. It is you that must change.

Right now, you owe the Federal Government 134,000 dollars. (third figure, upper left) That is your portion of the debt they took out on your behalf. If you want to stop your unregulated and addicted government then you must quit enabling them to indulge in their addiction. You wouldn't pay for your son's heroin addiction would you? You must quit paying taxes.

I have been a lawman most of my life. I have always paid my taxes. Over paid actually.
For the first time in my life, I am seriously considering not paying taxes. Not state taxes mind you- my state balances it's checkbook. I will gladly pay those.

I am talking about starving the addiction of the Federal Government. Bringing them to their knees. If millions of taxpayers simply quit paying taxes- this would force the Federal Government into action. Citizens and taxpayers alike could demand that the government do what it has refused to do for the last 40 years. We are going to quit paying taxes until you perform the job that we elected you to do.

Is there risk involved? Of course. I might very well go to prison and have what little I own get seized. The vast majority of people will think I am insane. Nobody wants to go to prison. The government and their addiction is relying on my fear to stop me from engaging in doing the only thing that makes sense. Take out the maximum number on your with holding forms at work. Don't pay them.

I am seriously considering doing this. I am consulting an attorney this week. If millions joined me, we could bring about the change we all want and need. Addicts don't quit on their own. It generally takes some form of intervention. I am tired of all the whining, the lamenting. It's time to put or shut up. The failure of the super committee tells me it is intervention time.

How crazy is this? Pretty nuts. Ultimately, if enough people participated in this it would cause a funding crisis. Intermediate and drastic action would have to be taken by a government who has clearly demonstrated that they are unable to perform their jobs. A funding crisis would compel them to get serious and now! No more election games. A potential United States default would end this can kicking exercise. How crazy is that?

Maybe not that crazy after all.


rawmuse said...

Here is the way the IRS works.

They don't prosecute thousands or millions of individual cases. They just find a half dozen cases and come down on those like a Ton Of Bricks.

Then the rest of fall in to line.

Brian said...

So what happens when we all know that RM and a few million of us stand firm? Can you imagine the tring to prosecute and build cases on a million of us.

Solidarity is all we need to win. Solidarity and courage.

republicanmother said...

I made this same case when Obamacare was passed. I said, let's just stop paying taxes on a conservative chat room. The response was "are you a tax cheat?" And I'm like, no but that's the only thing that will get their attention.

Check out the movie Harry's War - You will LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

I agree with your idea in theory Brian. In practice, they will just print the shortfall and pretend things are still getting better.

And you'd still be in jail, an innocent political criminal.

I am afraid they have painted society into a corner and this particular govt system cannot be changed or reformed in its present form.

This is one time I wished I was wrong.


Brian said...

I have already been doing it.
They can get nothing from me besides putting me in jail.
I am no longer a SLAVE!

Unknown said...

We need to get this out to millions of pple cause now it dont matter who the president is the corporations have them bought and we the pple get the same slavery