Saturday, December 31, 2011

Frankendamus' Surefire Predictions for 2012

Was 2011 happy for you? Remember people spouting that a year ago today? What exactly is a happy new year?? I'm not sure I've ever had a whole happy year. I had a real shitty year once. 1987. I remember it well.

I left a party early tonight. I just wasn't feeling all that festive. That's how it is for me nowadays. In the old days, I hung out in the casino on New Year's and kissed every drunken woman around me. That was kind of fun, but alas those days are over...

It's time once again for the 2012 Frankendamus predictions. With incredible insight and accuracy, you can be sure of one thing. The country never lets me down. So here we go...


The United States has developed a new war economy. That is what we are good at. The GOP and the right love war. They will tell you it is necessary. We don't care about lost lives or humanity so much any more, we care about money.  So with Iraq winding down, we have to find some place other than the eternal Afghanistan war to waste money and resources on. That somebody will be Iran. They are trying to provoke shit. They have a lot of muscle. China says they will protect them no matter what. Iran might finally be the "flashpoint." I consider Iran to be the absolute biggest concern of the entire new year. They and their friends don't care for us too much. It will be fun to see whether the dunderhead in office can avoid another conflict before elections. We will not get in a war with Iran unless Israel provokes it. Then all bets are off.


Obamacare will not pass the muster of the Supreme Court. It's just too fucked up in it's entirety. At the end of the day, all of those Harvard grads will send it back. Unlike the idiots who passed it, the court may actually read the bill. That should be enough. Even they have a conscience. 


Mitt Romney is the chosen elitist. He was picked by the established status quo. Now that the bankers have all escaped jail, it's time to get back to business as usual. The country will elect Romney. He is seen as the least scary guy by both parties. You can rest assured he will suck and be just as bad as Obama. And I will refuse to read Ace of Spades for the next four years as they defend every stupid fucking thing the GOP does.

In Congress, anybody with an (I) by their name is toast. Unless they are from Mexifornia. There will be a few sporadic exceptions. California has proven that not only have liberals ruined the state finances but that the voters are happy about their impending bankruptcy. They will keep doing what they do best- voting for idiots and seeking largesse.


Completely screwed. Nothing will get better. The FED will buy the 300 billion dollars worth of Italian debt coming due in Februrary. That's why they got involved already. Germany will have to leave the EU and the whole mess will come crashing down. The euro is kaput. I just don't know when.


Completely screwed.


We are completely screwed too- but we have a crooked FED with a printing press in an election year.
The U.S. economy is dead money. Government generated stats from the BLS will be even more fraudulent than usual. The government will continue to lie about inflation and unemployment as Obama does his best to retain his country club membership. Unfortunately, the man with 5 mansions is coming to reel him in.

All of this could be behind us- if we had just let those crooked banks fail. President Hank Paulson failed us. See Iceland for an example of what happens when a country lets insolvent banks fail. Winning.

The stock market will go down. It has to. The only way it can remain high is if the FED starts another round of quantitative easing. If QE3 starts, the market will rise. Watch gold and silver go parabolic.


All three will be vastly higher this year. With QE3, I have gold near 2400, oil at 150, and silver at 75. Ten percent lower than these levels absent QE3. The silver fundamentals are absolutely fantastic. In fact, it might be the greatest trade of my lifetime in terms of surefire bets. The world needs silver, supplies are virtually non existent. Silver at these price levels is a steal. I bought more (physical of course) on Friday.


There might be a polar shift. The Mayans nailed everything else. Why not?


Deus... Ex... Mach ee naw refers to the playwrights in history who lacking an imaginative or well thought out ending for a play they had written...simply invoked some God driven miracle to wrap things up with. So I will too. Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

What do you make of this article Bryan:

He says that there is NO supply issue with silver?!

Who do you believe?

rawmuse said...

I predict the Supremes will uphold Obamacare. Why? Kennedy. There are only 4 reliable conservative votes on the supremes, there are 4 hard left, and one complete dipshit who has no clue about just about anything. He passed the Kelo decision, which was another FUBAR case. If he could do that, he is capable of anything.

Brian said...

Apparently silver is not a finite substance- we can simply go out and mine some more when we are running low...people with money India, China, Sprott are tying it up. Interesting read.

RM- Kelo was a piece of shit. However, the only safe course of action here is to either get rid of Obamacare or find pieces of it wrong and return it which will necessitate fixing or delay the implementation to such time as the guy who gave them the job is long gone and they won't be publicly embarrassing him. What I am saying is that the really only safe and chicknshit way of dealing with it is to send it back for repairs.

hac5x3 said...

Not a bad list, but Obama is getting another four years. The GOP is going to put up an unelectable duo (like the last election) and Obama wins by a landslide and gets a "mandate" from the people. Why would the elites trade their best front man (and a guy who can smile while he stabs you in the back) for a guy who has to openly back and implement the elitist agenda?