Friday, January 6, 2012

Why Do We Keep Electing the Wrong People?

Because we are a nation of misguided fools adhering to inaccurate beliefs. Bush Jr. convinced me of that. Obama, international man of mystery and lost documents, has sealed that belief.

The worst part about this? We are going to do it again.

George Carlin was right. We don't elect people in this country that represent us, the majority. We elect people who represent a vast minority. Think about that for a minute.

Do the majority of us go to Yale, Harvard, or Columbia? Are the majority of us born into ultra rich and elite families? Do we have networks of rich families willing to give us cushy jobs with big titles? Are the majority of us such ego driven maniacs that we are willing to say anything to get elected? Do we have the ability to tap banks for hundreds of millions in contributions? No, of course not.

Why then do we keep electing these assholes?

We have a collective, illusory belief in this country. It is a lie. It is a lie passed from generation to generation. It is a layered lie. A lie where wealth and intelligence cannot be separated from truth. It goes something like this.

First you must be born into wealth. If not, you must acquire wealth or be willing to acquire it any way  possible. Wealth is power. Entry into a prestigious school with ridiculous standards and outrageous tuition costs helps a lot. You are paying for an image. That image of success is undeniable. It is an essential part of our U.S. belief system that says graduating from Harvard or similar school is a guarantee of success. In fact, were it deniable, Harvard would not be anything special. Harvard is only special in the minds of people who BELIEVE it is special. Obviously that's a lot of people. Virtually every Supreme Court Justice graduated from Harvard. All nine of them. How is that possible? Is Harvard the only law school in the U.S.? Does every other law school suck? Apparently.

Perception may be reality- but it is often fallible as decades worth of proof mount up.

We have this ridiculous perception in America that money means success. The terms, money and success, are interchangeable we think. In furtherance of the value we place on money we believe wealth equates to intelligence. If you have more money than us- you must be more intelligent than we are. Therefore, we tend to elect successful looking or wealthy people. People that have created an "image" of success. It doesn't matter whether they have truly accomplished anything just so long as they appear to have accomplished something. The right image. If you have that superficial pre-requisite in place, people believe.

Mitt Romney is the perfect example of another ineffective and superficial elitist. He was born into wealth, given the best schooling, had the best connections, and got a little lucky. You want to know the best part? He is a BANKER. (Bain Capital) The same people that have pillaged this country. The left and the right and the banking industry want you to elect him. Of course they do and you will. Mitt Romney just oozes maintenance and safety of the status quo. Business as usual. Read this glowing abstract of the life of Romney. It looks as though Mitt wrote it himself except that he probably paid someone else to do it. Romney even made People's list of the 50 most beautiful people.

Mitt Romney is the perfect package. Wealthy, well educated, beautiful, elite. He is a continuation and perfect example of this country's inability to elect someone of substance. Someone with personal courage who will step up to the plate and do the nasty work that needs doing. Someone who represents the 95% of us who do not make 200k or over and who are struggling to survive. Instead we will march dutifully to the polls and elect this protector of the status quo and elite. I guarantee it. Mitt Romney, barring some unforeseen disaster, is your next President and our next failure.

We just can't seem to get anything right. We elect people that represent the elite minority. The middle class, the 95%. Losing. George Carlin was right.


hac5x3 said...

Eh, we don't have a choice. Both parties voted for the bank bailouts, Bush tax cuts, wars, war funding, free trade, NAFTA, globalism. part of an elitist agenda. Most Americans too ignorant to even understand what is going on.

Good Example. The new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau private FED agency. Not only will it help the big banks it will eliminate competitio­n from the smaller financial products and transfer unlimited regulatory power to a private agency outside the US government with zero congressio­nal oversight. All while taking government agencies (with congressional oversight) and eliminatin­g them by merging them in to the FED, Total scam sold as "consumer protection­" - same as every other lie the government sells.”

Brian said...

No choice eh? No...we always have a choice.

The problem is that the majority who are often wrong want you to believe that there is no choice.

Entire generations of people, right and left wingers, adhering to this ancient philosophy. There are only two choice. Pick one moron.

This is the herd mentality. The hunters are either gonna drive us off the cliff or shoot us- either way we are dead. Right?

I have been arguing against this two party monopoly since starting this blog.

Every time a third party gets going, the right and the left feeling threatened- squash it. That is what they do best to keep their stranglehold on American politics. Networks are devoted to this insanity. People like Anne Coulter and Ace of Spades.

Well Obama sucks- so pick our shitty guy. On and on and on. Ad infinitum.

It will never end until people collectively wake up and realize our country is in ruins. It is damn close now.

The cliffs or get shot? Really? That's my two choices. I pick door number three. Stampede the hunters and kill them.

hac5x3 said...

We're on the same page with regard to what is going on and has gone on for the past 50 plus years. Two parties passing an elitist agenda and pretending to do it for the "American People" (whenever any shill uses that term I cringe). Stealing the wealth of the American people and converting in to a giant deficit. Now more of the same. Add in the fear of retribution and things like the Patriot Act, and this is where we are now.

Unfortunately there is no solution as long as people buy in to the two party system. Changing the system is not an option - the media controls the information and spin, the candidates are chosen by the parties, and the parties are run by the same people that run the government.

You seem like an optimist. I am a realist (and maybe a defeatist). But the right/left, red/blue, rep/dem divisions are as strong as ever. As evidenced by the posts I read on line every day. Aside from the fact that people are plain ignorant, both parties manipulate their packs. As you may know, Obama could pour gasoline over every poor person in America and they would make up an excuse to love him. Add to that the right's obsession with their own wallets and there's not much hope for us.