Saturday, July 23, 2011

We Owe It To Our Children- We Must Default Now

It's far cheaper that way.

The thing I like best about Ron Paul is that he tells the truth. Of course he is a Libertarian. Let me deviate momentarily. I am constantly defending Libertarian views. Particularly drug legalization. By the way, anybody that thinks legalizing drugs and managing their use is not far superior to wasting billions of dollars and thousands of lives- should read the results of Portugal's drug legalization process. You probably haven't heard about it. Because it works. Profoundly better. Our government prefers you don't know that. Court systems unplugged, prison populations went down, death rates plunged. Anyway, back to Paul.

We are completely and utterly bankrupt. We cannot pay our bills. This fiasco, this debt ceiling debate is ridiculous. All they are debating is whether to add two trillion more in debt. That's it. And of course they will. They are spineless self centered pussies that all want to retain their status and power by getting re-elected next year. Defaulting scares the shit out of them.

We buried our kids with a mountain of debt that the government will tax them to death on as the Feds desperately try to maintain status quo. The game should end now. Here's one of the only truthful legislators we have, Ron Paul.

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