Friday, July 22, 2011

Hank Paulson, I'm Calling You Out

Look, I know this is childish and immature. But I think Hank "Blank Check" Paulson is in need of a good old fashioned ass kicking. Please read this.

The problem with arrogant fuckers like Paulson is that they think they know everything. Another member of the ruling class. Can you imagine the ego of a guy who ran Goldman Sachs and then as Treasury Secretary stole a trillion dollars to funnel back through AIG, to his bank, and buddies? Then this clown has the audacity to claim he is a hero- and I'll be damned if the same people he fleeced weren't buying his book. Why is it that the ego driven ruling class all have to write books about themselves? All the lives and careers this bastard must have ruined? Watching Bear Stearns collapse- his former competitor- like it was some sort of a mystery. Frankly I don't understand why the citizens of this country have not found Hank Paulson and stretched his neck for him. A testament to the sanity of the American herd, most likely.

I ain't that sane.

When I was a kid, growing up in Butte, and some arrogant, thieving bastard like Paulson was running his mouth- he simply got his ass kicked. Justice. On the spot. In fact, I have seen many instances of justice delivered that way over the years. Now I am not advocating violence here (snicker) but I'll tell ya what Hank. I'm not like those other sheep. I got teeth. You can even have the first swing.


Anonymous said...

Can this old man have dirty seconds?

Anonymous said...

Brian, this is off subjet Before It's News, not the most reliable source, has a story on Bank of America I thought you mught find interesting