Monday, July 18, 2011

Gold Cracks 1600, Silver North of 40

Up late.

More worries about European debt levels. Gold is now working it's way past 1600. Silver is still mired in at 40 which is a 40-1 ratio with gold. The historic standard ratio was 15-1. I could live with that pricing.

Central bankers are pretending to scratch their heads, telling the public gold isn't money. Please use our worthless paper instead. Gawd what I wouldn't give to hear Ron Paul ask Ben Bernanke one simple, direct, question. "Ben, do you personally own any physical gold or silver?"


Anonymous said...

I hope silver stays at 15 : 1. It will mean that the world as we know it hasn't ended yet.

davecydell said...

Stays at or returns to ?

I look for the day when I am asked: "Hey, Buddy, can you spare a Roosevelt Silver Dime?"