Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Doug Marks, Dog Lover and Libertarian Maniac

I snitched this story from the Republican Libertarian. It's about freedom but nobody ever seems to notice.

This story is about a small city government (Carpentersville, Il.)  like the one I used to be a part of. Seems the center piece of this story, Doug Marks, is on the local council. Apparently he is a Libertarian and doesn't think government should be telling us how to live our lives.

In Carpentersville, you may have two dogs but no more. The story doesn't mention whether or not you are limited to a certain number of children or not. Marks, a dog lover and minority dweller, could not rally enough support to let people decide for themselves how many dogs they could own- thus raising the limit beyond two.

In small town America, the subject of dogs is hallowed ground. I policed some of the most vicious fights and bitter arguments over dogs. I don't like government telling us how to live our lives but there has to be room for common sense while living in densely populated areas.

Do you know why we have laws governing the number of dogs? Because somebody, somewhere, had fifty of them. There was a pile of dog shit the size of Mount Everest. Or we saw on the news one of those crazy old women who owned 100 dogs and thus authorities had to bus the entire herd to four or five shelters when something medically rendered her incapable of caring for them.

That's the insanity of human beings. We remember some isolated story somewhere and now in our official capacity as small town rulers- we decide it is prudent to limit the number of dogs. That's how we think. We have contempt prior to any investigation. We made up our minds long ago when we heard about that crazy woman with her pack of dogs wreaking havoc on some poor Sheriff somewhere. Never mind that we knew virtually nothing in terms of details nor can we remember anything particularly relevant- we have already arrived at our conclusions.

In Moonbat Valley, we had a 3 dog rule. This in a town of 8000. I cannot remember a single call ever (25 years) asking us to enforce that law- which generally means one of three things. (A) Nobody violated the law. (B) Nobody knew about the law. (C) Nobody gave a shit about the law.

Personally, I like to think it was (C)

I had 4 dogs when I left Moonbat valley. I lived in the county. I had this crazy dog that would chew holes through the wood fence and escape. My neighbors would put her back in the yard and make some sort of makeshift repair to the fence. I had great neighbors.

I wish more people thought like Marks and not so much like a bunch of zombies with some vague memory captured while reading a newspaper 30 years ago. But in the new and "improved" United States, the statists think we have to have laws governing everything. Helmets and life jackets in Seattle, the number of dogs in Carpentersville. What we really need is a few more people like Marks who will question this idea that we need a law for everything.

Maybe moonbats and statists just hate freedom. Or maybe they want freedom for themselves and laws for everyone else. And of course they want someone to enforce those laws and someone else to pay for that. We see, from the top down to Carpentersville, just how well all that law passing is working out- don't we?

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