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Why Politics And Budget Talks Are Going To Be Brutal...

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It's Time To Quit Fucking Around

I grew up a Democrat primarily for two reasons. I came from a union town where the history of the mine owners had been slave wages, horrible working conditions, and death. That was Butte. I also loved the environment and wanted to protect the countryside which was being destroyed by mining claims among other things. The Democrats were environmentally friendly.

That was 1971. We abandoned the gold standard and turned our sovereign rights over to international bankers. Our country was stoned. Third item in the left column.

The world changed dramatically in the intervening period of 1971 to 2001. From a legal standpoint, the United States became the best place to work. Legal precedent and enforcement did a lot to clean up the abuses of shop owners. The EPA and outfits like the Sierra Club worked tirelessly to support the environment. By the late 90's, environmentalists had the upper hand. Indeed, California's snail darter- a worthless but endangered fish- is proof positive of government gone over the top. Somewhere in the 90's, the Democrats simply morphed into statists. They were no longer useful. All they represent is big government getting bigger and out of control. Unable to rein themselves in. Sometime after college- I abandoned my democratic party leanings.

Republicans on the other hand, essentially killed any party platform they might have had. In fact, they are still searching for an identity. The Republicans are currently using the debt issue as a platform when in fact, they were just as responsible as the Democrats for the dire mess that we are in financially. Indeed, it was Reagan who took deficit spending to unprecedented levels. The Republicans don't like to talk about that too much. They still cater to the rich and elite. In current budget talks- they don't want to raise taxes on corporate America or the rich and elite. Why? Because they are the rich and elite. It's hard to ask the self absorbed to do a non self absorbed task like taxing themselves when they have the power to decline. That is a serious problem. Here is a perfect example of this. A rich Republican Congressman refusing to tax the rich. He is from Montana.

What we have left is two useless parties. Now I suppose that part is debatable. But that's not the point of this piece so let's leave that argument for another day.

We all have a common problem. We have an enormous debt problem. We are essentially bankrupt. That's the point. You can be for abortion, gay rights, anti-taxes, or be a religious fanatic. It doesn't matter what you are or what you want. What issues you may be for or against. You see, when you are completely bankrupt that becomes the trump issue. It takes precedence. All of those other issues- things that you think are important- really aren't. They are secondary issues. Really. In fact, that's why both parties use ancillary issues to distract you. The real issue, the burning fucking issue that we can't resolve, is the debt issue.

The game is over and all we are deciding now is who is going to take the final hit. This Congress or the next one. This President or the next one.

That's why politics is going to have to get brutal. It's about money and bankruptcy. It's about the FED and our debt fueled fiat system of currency. The greatest ponzi scheme ever devised is just about toast. All that's left is just a bunch of central banks bailing each other out with unbacked worthless fiat currency. How long can that last?

In my version of the debt ceiling game, it ends here. It cannot be raised. Government services must take a 10 to 20 percent radical haircut immediately. The bankrupt states of Cal., Or., NY, Ill., NJ, NV. must do the same. Anybody that understands just how dire this is- is going to have to let the blood fly. Really. This isn't some bullshit liberal or conservative thing. This is a matter of financial life or death and what happens in the next year or two will either spell survival or doom. Here is a current link showing the latest "talks." Politicians are self absorbed and more worried about keeping their cushy jobs than they are concerned about fixing our bankrupt country. Even our Presidential golfer and vacationer is getting involved.

Meet Obama's real friends. The banking elite. Get out of jail free cards in return for campaign donations. 

It's time to put away your party loyalties. It's time to rally under one common cause- we have one common enemy. A debt we cannot ignore. We need a sense of urgency and we need some courage. These things are sadly lacking in our current leadership and that's how these things get brutal. There is no compromise. It's radical cuts or fiscal death and that's about as simple as it gets. It's time to quit fucking around.

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