Friday, June 24, 2011

President Screw Off Now Selling Strategic Oil Reserves...

I cannot count the number of vacations he has taken. He has played golf 75 times, held beer summits, traveled to nearly every country, got his mouth bashed in on the basketball court. With that kind of work ethic, why would we expect him to do anything of substance like stimulate job growth or substantially reduce the deficit and stay home until that issue was resolved?

Actual work would cut into his screw off time. His answer to the worst economy in my 50 years? Let's sell our strategic oil reserves. Cut the price of gas temporarily. Then replace the strategic oil reserve at  higher prices.

Heaven forbid, Obama does some work. Something of substance. Work is like poison to this guy.

That's the President that I've come to know. Like Richard Nixon, Barack Obama has never let me down.

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