Monday, June 20, 2011

More Crony Capitalism, Supreme Court Sides With Giant China Retailer, WalMart

Wasn't surprised to see this. Supreme Court refuses to allow class action lawsuit against Chinese outlet store, WalMart.

Eighty three percent of WalMart managers are men. Nothing askew with that discrimination move along women.


TonyFernandez said...

That's not crony capitalism. If the women were dissatisfied with the situation, they could have left. No one was forcing them to be there. Other companies could have taken the talent that Wal-Mart was passing up and surpassed the company. But they didn't.

Besides, look at the implications had the women won. It basically would have ushered in affirmative action on private companies. They would have to have certain ratios of men to women, blacks to whites, etc. Is that right? Does that seem like a good solution?

And besides, we have to allow discrimination in free markets. It's not all that bad anyway. Discrimination means you lose talent, so it's self-eliminating. I know people always like to point to the South before the Civil Rights Act, but all of the discrimination was a direct result of Jim Crow Laws. Without those laws, discrimination would have been nowhere near as pervasive as it was.

As for Wal-Mart, I can understand where they're coming from in hiring more men than women. With women, you run the risk of losing their services because of a pregnancy. Besides, are these results normalized for education, experience, etc.? I think not. Thomas Sowell has spoken about sex discrimination and the glass ceiling. He makes more sense than anyone I have heard discuss the issue. You should look up his thoughts.

Brian said...

Excellent points, Tony. I like the way you think...

I am often focused on how the Supreme Court sides with government and power. We are going to get a taste of that when the Supremes are forced to rule on Obamacare. Then we'll see just how fucked up that court has gotten. If they rule that Obamacare is constitutional...then the government can officially order us to do anything at such point we'll know we have a certifiable government dictatorship and rubber stamping monkey court.

Brian said...

I pinched this link from the enemy a long as we say we don't discriminate- then we don't. Ha!

TonyFernandez said...

Thanks, Brian. The Supreme Court, as do most courts, tend to side with the party that has more political clout. For instance, how often does a private citizen win a case against the government?

But in this case, I'm glad they decided as they did. I do worry about the courts legitimizing Obamacare. They did it with the unconstitutional conclusion in Euclid v. Ambler and in not ordering the end of the War on Drugs. Let's hope that the living, breathing interpretation of the Constitution dies a quick, painful death.