Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ann Coulter, Forced To Dwell In Low IQ Hell With Us Low Brow Libertarian Types

I love Ann Coulter. The great conservative. I think she is beautiful, witty, and very funny. That she thinks quite highly of herself is an understatement. In terms of political commentary, she is quite successful even though her thought processes are really nothing new.

She scores well on looks and delivery. Razor wit. Unfortunately, she scores high on the same old "bash the other tribe" mentality that has been practiced for centuries. Entertaining for sure, but not particularly useful. I'd like to point out this latest piece of hers...a libertarian bash.

How would it be- to be so fucking smart like Ann... yet stuck on this rock with all of us dimwits and slow types? Lonely, I'm sure. Life, or some higher power, has played a cruel hoax on Ann by sending her here.

Now I like to bash liberals and democrats because of all parties...the moonbats have devolved into a total catastrophe. Obama is a perfect poster child for a party that has run out of other peoples' money, and beyond that- they simply have no solution for any of the problems that our country is currently mired in. The liberal social experiment has failed miserably yet they simply can't come to a place of acceptance. Their pride and collective ego cannot muster enough courage to say, "we were wrong." Every bankrupt state is a blue state. Think about that in terms of coincidence.

So Anne thinks conservatives win by default. That if the other side loses, the liberals, her side has to win. That is the grand delusion of tribal warring. The grand assumption. Completely eliminate opposing thought and other tribes and we'll have the whole place to ourselves. Liberal or libertarian- it doesn't matter. Prove them wrong and our side will prevail.

If there is one thing the last 50 years has taught me- it is this. Our current two party political system has evolved into a game to  fleece the middle or working class. There is simply no distinction left. It does not matter whether you go broke being taxed to death by liberals or you go broke delivering your work product for little or nothing to the conservative elite. Either way you are screwed. Signing onto either one of these two philosophies ensures that the game, minus a solution, continues... ad infinitum. 

If you want to achieve different results, you must try something different. Something different would be any new party, perhaps libertarian. For a gal like Ann Coulter, someone that has spent a lifetime preaching status quo conservative dogma, her pride simply would never allow a conscious or rational concession or confession that maybe her tribe is really not that much better than the liberal tribe. That in fact if conservatives were so shit hot, they'd be in vogue eternally.

Social security? Gay marriage? Big deal. There are easy solutions to both those "dilemmas" yet Ms. Coulter talks about those issues as though they are totally unsolvable. With her can't do attitude we'd still be searching for the wheel. Ignoring solutions on purpose because it doesn't serve her personal purposes or agenda. It's a helluva lot more enjoyable for her to just bash on liberals or libertarians instead because that's what she does. That's how she's gained her notoriety and fame. After all, she didn't get to her lofty perch by being a problem solver.

Can you imagine an inventor, trying to solve a problem using the same formula time and time again? Our country is trying to solve a problem using the same old Republican/Democrat formula. It has failed and it will continue to fail- just as long as we continue to use it.

I think some of us get that. Ann Coulter isn't one of them. She is just another entertainer. She has type cast herself into a permanently conservative corner...incapable of switching gears or trying something new- even when it is painfully obvious that using the same old formula gets the same old results. I like Ann Coulter. You've got to admire her "stick to it" philosophy and resolve when surrounded by hordes of intellectually inferior people. Like teaching pigs to sing. It can't be easy- being Ann.

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