Wednesday, May 11, 2011

We Spent All of Our Money On I-Tunes and Shit, We Don't Have Money for Gas

Bring on the food gas stamps.

Crude inventories surged 150% to 3900k barrels on expectations of 1500k. Wow. I guess people don't like 4 dollar gas. The CFTC raised margin requirements on speculators after 17 Congressmen whined about high gas and oil prices. They said they can't understand these outrageous prices when demand has all but fallen away. No shit.

Interesting that nobody ever mentions that oil is priced in worthless dollars. That might have something to do with it- Washington brainiacs. Hmm...let's see... oh the dollar is up...crude is down...

Just had to include this snip from wiki for all of the Canes-Ee-yuns out there. (Keynes) The Moonbats think this shit is gospel. Keynesian economic theory proposes that changes in money supply do not directly affect prices, and that visible inflation is the result of pressures in the economy expressing themselves in prices.

If that were true, we might never have heard of currency exchanges, Weimar, or Zimbabwe. Or precious metals. Keep printing away Moonbats...Keynes just has to be right...doesn't he? 


davecydell said...

It's a bite, ain't it FG.
Just visited CR and saw this: 155 comments on his 850pm post, 408 on his 423pm post, 372 comments on his 1202pm post.
And what you have to say is more original and prevalent.

Brian said...

Thanks Dave. I don't mind dwelling in obscurity. That's how it is for me. For the life of me, can't figure out who "CR" is...