Monday, May 9, 2011

Say a Prayer for the Nutters* Updated to Include Iranian Nutters

After President Obama proclaimed that he was lord of the universe- and decided not to "spike the football" by providing proof of Bin Laden's death- I have seen a tremendous rise in internet nutters. So I thought I'd dissect this phenomenon from start to finish.

I don't mind nutters. In fact I understand them. Nutters are the by product of a government gone wild.

So after nearly ten years, our trillion dollar war effort finally found a 6'5" Saudi with 3 wives and executed him. Rather than show pictures of a dead Bin Laden, we call that proof, the censor in Chief decided not to. Government then told us that we dumped his body into the sea.

Then came the nutters. Nutters don't believe anything that the government tells them. They've been lied to for so long that they have given up on any kind of hope of government truth telling. The nutters think Bin Laden was killed years ago. The nutters think Bin Laden's body is in some secret lab somewhere. I've been reading all of the theories on the intarwebs this week. Nutters are the polar opposite of Moonbats and sheep- Moonbats and sheep either believe or ignore everything that the government tells them. Moonbats and sheep make fun of nutters.

Moonbats and sheep are just idiots. There is not much you can do with them. Nutters on the other hand, have intellectually evolved to the point that they cannot trust any thing that the government does. Unlike Monnbats or sheep, they do not ignore facts. In fact- nutters actually pay attention to government. Sometimes nutters even mention some of their opinions- publicly- only to be criticized and labeled by the Moonbats and sheep who largely ignore anything factual or absent any credible facts of their own, simply launch a counter attack. Government always backs the play of Moonbats and sheep. They have a host-parasite relationship.

Fellow nutters. The military found and killed Bin Laden. Please accept that. I understand your concerns- I find myself occasionally listening to President Obama's bullshit myself- particularly when it interrupts my regularly scheduled programming. During Obama's announcement, he used the word "I" so much that I expected him to reach under the podium and raise the bloody and severed head of Osama and tell us that he capped OBL- himself.  Government has spent decades deceiving and lying to us- so I understand where you nutters are coming from and I sympathize. But every once in awhile, government lets something truthful slip out. It doesn't happen often- but it does happen.

Just to let you know that the U.S. has not cornered the market on nutters, there's this:

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