Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's Ok To Hate Politics But It's Not Ok To Ignore Politics

Our country needs you. We always have. People are starting to wake up and realize that our two party system is irretrievably broken. http://www.newsmax.com/US/Gallup-Republicans-Democrats-thirdparty/2011/05/10/id/395857?s=al&promo_code=C3D9-1

Imagine getting an odd mole on your back that changes shapes and colors. Perhaps it even bleeds. But you fear hospitals and the possibility of cancer. So rather than get that mole checked out, you ignore it until one day- you get so sick that you are admitted to the hospital. Your doctor tells you that you have inoperable cancer that has spread throughout your body. Your condition was treatable early but now it is terminal.

Politicians and our national debt, coupled with a Federal Reserve Bank that knows no bounds or limitations, have become our national cancer.

I don't mind people that don't like politics. Especially partisan politics. I'm one of them. But what I really can't stomach are those cowards that not only hate politics but also refuse to become informed or involved in any political process. They proudly tell people that they don't care about politics as though their political ignorance is a virtue.

I'm not talking about voting. In fact- voting for bad people is far worse than not voting at all. I would much rather see an uninformed voter not vote at all rather than cast ballots for idiots. So if you think you are fulfilling some sort of civic or patriotic duty simply by voting for people you know nothing about- I'd rather see you stay at home and save the gas. Do us all a favor.

My ex wife was that way. At least she did no harm.

One last thing. We are free men- just barely. We are free because people gave their lives. I can't help but feel a twinge of anger anytime I hear some coward absolve themselves from the political process. Apathetic people, those people who dislike politics and hand off their responsibilities, are the reason we have a bunch of idiots running our government. If you know one of those candy asses, one of those self absorbed people who just can't be bothered by politics, please send them this link.

I don't like politics either. But our situation is dire and it's simply not acceptable behavior to ignore politics any longer. It is too important and this is serious. If we don't find a solution and soon, we won't have a free country- we will be indentured servants working to do nothing other than service a mountain of debt and transfer our wealth to foreign lands and bankers.

Here's a great link and a guy that I agree with. He is smoking a cigarette and it makes me wonder just where the hell he is presenting that still allows smoking indoors...from Plan B Economics...http://www.planbeconomics.com/2011/05/11/stupidity-evil-and-the-decline-of-the-u-s/

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