Thursday, May 12, 2011

The United States Postal Service, I Hear the Fat Lady Singing

Like all things the government runs, the postal service is a money losing venture. Another black hole.

A private corporation with real stockholders and people losing money would immediately shutter such a business. This would move all mail services to some form of electronic delivery. Rather than do anything as drastic as getting rid of an army of now worthless government workers, this government run service will survive for decades and bleed us for the absolute maximum amount of money that it can.

It has reached it's 15 billion dollar debt ceiling- but nobody has the balls in government to simply just let it fail and go away.  Lingering, socialized, death.

Somewhere, I hear a fat lady singing. Problem is, this tune lasts a very long time...

1 comment:

davecydell said...

Utter collapse and parabolic rise all in 12 hours.
How cool.