Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Obama Finally Creates Some Jobs- For Libyan Insurgents

In between golf outings and the gunwalker scandal (which he promises he knew nothing about) President Obama has now seen fit to sponsor another war.

Here's the latest news- breaking from Reuter's and falling all over the blogosphere. I picked this article because it has such a nice photo of our leader.

Here is a picture of that cracker jack fighting force. Absolutely inspiring.

Libyan rebels jump onto the back of their vehicle as they leave Ras Lanouf, 250 km east of Sirte, central Libya, Tuesday, March 29, 2011. (Anja Niedringhaus/AP Photo)

Concern looms over arming Libyan rebels

The U.S. grapples with questions about who the opposition is and if it can defeat Gadhafi. Covert forces authorized

I noted a few days ago that Obama as a Senator knew that the President does not have the right to declare a war, that only Congress does. President Obama has shown his contempt for the law over and over again. Whether his administration is ordered to open up drilling in the gulf, drop doesn't matter. Obama just doesn't comply with court orders. He is above the law. See how he has handled this Libya thing. Obama is the utter definition of contempt for our law and processes. If there is any way around a law, like recess appointments, that is the method Obama uses.

Well at least Obama can find something for all of those out of work Libyans to do. Give 'em some guns and part time work. He likes to hand out guns.


davecydell said...

"The U.S. grapples with questions about who the opposition is...." now let's see: an 80 year old white woman shows up at BWI airport and TSA wants to full body scan her, hell, she may have a bomb in her bra. But the US Gov says: the opposition in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, hey no terrorists here, no Al-Qaeda types, let's arm them.

Brian said...

Not to mention the "gunwalker"fiasco. Let's arm murderers with guns- this may be the biggest crew of idiots to ever take a breath in the WH.