Monday, March 28, 2011

An Inconvenient Economic Truth

So tonight I fired up MSNBC to get a quick fix on gold and silver prices.

There on the screen is some dumb shit kid. Maybe 30. The dumb shit is telling CNBC's audience just how he thinks this economy is going to stand on it's own when QE2 ends in June. I think to myself, where do they get these brainiacs? Just who the fuck does this dipshit think is buying our treasury bills? Does he think that England and Japan have a spare 7 trillion to spend? Does he think China is going to waste a few more trillion buying our debt?

I know this kid must have a degree. Maybe from one of those Ivy League schools- you know the ones- the ones that teach better and different economics than the rest of the world teaches. Maybe he thinks he's special. Who knows?

This is what I know. There is no fucking way that this economy can stand on it's own without the FED interfering- non stop. We have a morally and economically bankrupt and corrupt system from top to bottom and this kid hasn't got a fucking clue yet. Just dumb enough to get some face time on the CNBC propaganda generator.

I can't wait for QE2 to end. I. CANT. WAIT.

In the meantime, ya might wanna hedge your bets with a little metal before June. Thinking I'm not ready to saddle up with this brainiac kid just yet.

More support for higher silver.


Unknown said...

Its like this. The Japanese economy blew up during their realestate bubble. Its been 20 years for them and its still limping along. Guess what, thats whats going to happen here. Feds will continue to buy their own bills, print money like no tomorrow, and lots of hoping and praying, but get ready for limping along for 20+ years.

Anonymous said...

Jeeeez! Not even Barnanke is that stupid. Maybe the guy is engaged to Barnanke's daughter or maybe his son. Just saying...