Friday, April 1, 2011

The United States, Now Shipping Busloads of Rich Elderly Women to Buy Homes In California

This is a state where dope smoking liberals have bankrupted the state and continue to elect more dope smoking liberals. 

I have a lot of friends and some family in California. They tend not to be delusional. I continue to laugh at delusional Californians who think that somehow- some miraculous event is going to happen and rescue all of them from real estate and tax Armageddon. I can hear the bus a comin'.

One of my favorite blogs. The California Canary in the Coal Mine and very well researched. Worth a bookmark.

Check this out. Fifty six billion short in public retirement funds??!! ROTFLMAO. Get the bong out Charlie, let's take care of this.


Anonymous said...

1.1million homes vacant. Wow! I guess Californication should be able to take care of their homeless problem, right?

Anonymous said...

I'm begining to think that we have a real live "Manchurian Candidate" in the White House.
Only with Muslim ties.

Ayesha said...

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