Saturday, April 2, 2011

Get Some Global Currency!

If there is one thing governments and banks hate- it is precious metals. Governments and banks cannot manipulate the QUANTITY of metal. (Corrupt futures markets aside)

Why do governments' outlaw something as harmless as the possession of gold and silver? Why throughout history, have they done that? Because throughout history, central bankers and governments everywhere have been manipulating the money supply. Monopolizing it. Stealing from the working stiffs. This game has gone on for centuries. It is traceable back to ancient Rome when the Romans starting removing precious metals from coinage. This is the same trick our government has been doing with gold coins, silver coins, and copper coins.

It is relatively easy to counterfeit a paper currency and flood the world with paper or in the case of coinage, issue some worthless pot metal such as zinc. If you are stuck with a bunch of debt you cannot pay- governments can simply counterfeit fiat to pay debts. Of course all of this excess supply damages your savings and buying power but that is a secondary concern of government and bankers'.

Imagine the power and wealth Burger King could create for itself if only it could get government to "outlaw" McDonald's hamburgers and products. By outlawing alternative and tangible competing products, like precious metals, central bankers and governments have been able to monopolize and steal your wealth by forcing you to invest in worthless paper that they issue. That QUANTITY thing again.

The price of precious metals and oil have been moving in tandem. I expect this trend to continue for the next couple of months. If only governments could find a way to counterfeit oil, they could do the same thing to OPEC that they have been doing to us.

Precious metals and oil have value because people want them. Governments and central bankers cannot stop that nor can they counterfeit those things. Every industrialized nation, including China, uses central bankers. They are flooding the world with debt. In fact, precious metals and oil are increasing in scarcity (that QUANTITY thing again) as more and more people populate the globe and look toward precious metals as wealth storage. Owning precious metals (or perhaps an oil well or two) is an absolute no brainer. A cannot miss investment opportunity in a bankrupt and debt fueled central banker run world. A world that cannot change anytime soon and that is doomed to get worse. That is excellent news for us.

Precious metals are the default global currency. They are recognized everywhere. There is not a damn thing the world's bankers and governments can do to change that. Sure they can try outlawing possession again- but nobody will comply. I sure as hell won't. I will simply move my precious metals to a legal and secure country. The absolute safest investment in the world right now, even at these prices, are precious metals. And until the alchemists and central bankers figure out a way to counterfeit gold and silver- they have about as much chance of winning that battle as Burger King does at outlawing McDonald's products.

I sleep well knowing that the thieving bankers and government cannot get their hands on my global currency or ruin it's value like they do with any dollar based investment. Go get some global currency- sleep well- you owe it to yourself.

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Anonymous said...

Very good advise, Brian. My only problem is...$$$$$$$. However, I do have a nice smile. Does that count?