Monday, February 14, 2011

Unstoppable, Economic Train Wreck Headed for the Station

The budget cuts are laughable. In fact, we are in seriously deep shit.

I have been writing on here for three years. THE TWO PARTY SYSTEM, AS IT EXISTS, IS AN EPIC FAILURE. What will it take? My guess is complete and utter economic destruction.

And you know what? There will be the idiots on the left, and the idiots on the right, still arguing over who's fault it is or was. I saw all three of the events last week that are described in the following AT article. I was in absolute awe that the MSM did not even take notice or in effect, performed surgery- only removing the good parts for human consumption. Only ZeroHedge reported it accurately. Please read this piece at American Thinker. If you have time, please click on the link in the previous blog.

The western rifle shooter featured the same article with like minded commentary.

Obama created this committee to recommend cuts. They did their work and then Obama ignored all of their recommendations. Ass frosting here:


Lisa said...

The way I currently see it-Here's our probable time line...Food prices will spike this summer. By Christmas, the death of this once great society will be happening all around us. But I think the final rock-bottom will be in spring-summer 2012. We may not get hit by a comet, or even face nuclear attack (Sorry, Mayan predictors!) But it's going to be pretty shitty non-the-less.

Your thoughts...

Brian said...

Lisa I am getting very nervous- and like you I am moving my time-frame up. My first order of business is to get a passport. I am reconfiguring assets and I am withdrawing my "debt" offers on two places today. Interest rates will not hold. I am trying to accumulate enough of my two prescriptions to prevent supply disruption.

I say this not as an alarmist- but I think it's prudent. I am talking to my friends. I would never have believed that ANY President would simply ignore a problem of this size and scope. And our elite masters, the owners of the banks, the media, big pharma, big oil, are shoring up their shit. Corporate insiders are dumping stock. They are the first rats to leave. Watch them for clues.

Lisa said...

The only help I can offer is with your prescriptions...I have connections in Canada. I have to take Synthroid for the rest of my life-so securing it was my first order of business. Glad to help if you need it.

Otherwise I'll just continue to pray for both of us!