Monday, December 13, 2010

Virginia Judge Strikes Down ObamaCare

So I read this article on Yahoo.

Then I think, the White House will be calling the judge any minute. Asking the judge to resign.

Have you noticed the increasing number of idiots who compare compulsory health insurance to auto insurance? We are truly a nation of idiots.

My sis in Seattle has survived quite nicely without a car most of her life. She actually chooses to ride her bike to work. Thus she avoids depreciation, bank interest, car insurance, taxes and registration, and the Saudi gas subsidy. She has taken those savings and piled up quite a bit of cash for retirement. She figures it amounts to 5 to 6 thousand dollars each year.

My sister cannot avoid health care. Like many of us, choosing to live in pain or die, is not an option. It's not a choice.  Like owning a car might be. We haven't given up our divine rights, bestowed by our Creator, to a life at the mercy, pleasure, servitude, or whims of the state. Well at least not yet.

The next time you hear some imbecile compare auto insurance to health insurance, tell him it's about time to pony up for that air he's been breathing. Tell him we're trying to conserve oxygen for people with brains and that he doesn't qualify. The state should charge those souls 2 bucks a day- oxygen tax. They can send it in with their Obamacare premiums.


rawmuse said...

I hope this decision stands. I have been hungry for some good news of late.

Brian said...

Amen to that. I have been doing battle on the message boards all afternoon. You just know that this isn't a partisan fight but I'll be damned if the cowards in this country that support this bill- all line up left and bring their half baked arguments with them. I gotta grab some ibuprofen.