Monday, December 13, 2010

It's Official...ObamaCare Supporters Prove Sheep are Brilliant, Now Willing to Pay an Oxygen Tax For the Air That They Breathe

We can all agree on one thing. We need affordable health care. We can agree on a second thing. We don't have affordable health care. We might even agree that you cannot fix health care by writing a 2407 page health care bill that nobody in Congress bothered reading before passing. Or do you think they read it?

Everything that has happened during and after that sham of a bill passing, the backroom deals in Louisiana and Nebraska to buy votes, this great national debate, is a waste of time. Everything.

I am no longer willing to debate the merits of a law that was a non starter to begin with.

Obama, the Democrats, and that bill have done more to divide our country than any single piece of legislation in our history. I am convinced of it. We fight among ourselves, we debate the merits and legality of a law that has no Constitutional authority. A bill that slicked in income reporting, taxes on real estate sales, and everything else they could think of. A bill that created the most unholy bureaucracy of all time. Read this list of shit Obamacare created and try not to short circuit your computer by drooling on it.

I am not kidding you when I say that some of these people would pay an Oxygen Tax on the air that they breathe.

I will make it this simple. Any person in this country that supports any bill, any piece of legislation, that Congress admits that they did not read in it's entirety is an idiot. If they said they read it, then I want reading comprehension tests and polygraph testing to prove it. A full reading of that bill, with full attendance would have taken weeks. It didn't happen. It's really that simple.


Anonymous said...

having a special needs child has opened my eyes to how offensive it is to have to hear full retard as the ultimate insult. to me it's not about being p.c. It's about having a little dignity for the most vulnerable among us.

Brian said...
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Brian said...

My apologies. Made the correction out of respect. I suggest that you not take things so personally, being offended easily by things beyond your control- tends to have a cumulative effect.