Friday, December 31, 2010

The Greatest Story You Probably Didn't Hear About in 2010

The mystery missile fired off the LA coast has been one of the greatest cover up stories of the year. In fact, if our military complex truly doesn't know who fired that missile- we have wasted billions on our missile defense systems and we have a bunch of asshats sitting at the controls.

The mystery missile was the second greatest story of the year to fall into obscurity. There was only one larger.

The FED's disclosure that they loaned 9 TRILLION dollars during the financial crisis ranks as the greatest story you have likely not heard about. The FED fought like hell to keep this information from being disclosed. Once it was, the MSM, the (main-stream-worthless-media) hardly even noted the event.

So how in the hell could the FED loan 9 trillion to the banking sector with no collateral- with over night rates so fractional- we didn't make shit? Why did Hank Paulson plead for the 700 billion dollar bailout package from Congress? Why couldn't the FED just dream up another .7 trillion loan and tack it on? If you can answer either of those two questions- you are far better than me. I think it had to do with paying off Hank's counter party claims that Goldman had on AIG. Without further adieu, watch this- it explains it fairly well.

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