Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Honey, When Is the Yeti Going To Get Here With Our Pizza?

I had hoped to buy some more silver at a sub 30 dollar price. I may have missed the boat. Silver crashed the 30 dollar gate, closed above that level and is not hovering around 30.60. That represents a better than 4% move in two days. I am waiting for everyone that bought around 14 or 15 and has doubled their money to off load some gray matter and give us a dip. I'm not sure that's going to happen. Gold has been rising steadily as well. It held the 1400 dollar mark.

I've tried to explain the inverse relationship that gold and silver have to the value of money. In researching debt levels- I came across a fantastic and historical piece of web history from four years ago. Congress was raising the debt ceiling to 9 trillion in 2006. Check out this headline. You'll love it.

In four years time, our debt level has risen 60%. That is a parabolic move. Not quite as ridiculous as flipping a house you owned for two years for a 100 percent profit in 2006- but a very spectacular rise nonetheless.

Our current debt ceiling, set in Feb of 2010, is 14.3 trillion. We will hit that mark before the end of February, 2011. In fact, Congress will be voting on raising the debt ceiling long after it surpasses that level. I have 100% confidence that they will. They are like crack addicts or alcoholics. They cannot stop.

There is only one triggering event that can stop the rise of gold and silver. That would be a unified effort by the President, the Congress, and the Bernank- to immediately halt QE2, drastically hack all government spending, and close down wasteful government spending like the Dept of Energy and the Dept. of Education. Would the U.S. go to hell in a handbasket? Of course not. But then closing that garbage down would be admitting we never needed it in the first place. Obama added thousands of 100k government jobs and left GM's union intact. So the chances of some triggering event such as the one I speak of, would be about the same as the Yeti landing his spacecraft in your yard and delivering a canadian bacon and pineapple pizza.

At current debt levels and static interest rates, we will be at 17 trillion debt levels by the end of Obama's term. That bet comes off the table if interest rates rise. We will be financing 1 trillion a year in interest alone at 6%. We are bankrupt. An excellent read from AT. When will that truth become self evident to the world? Soon I think, in just a couple of years. Which collapse comes first, the euro or the dollar? I was banking on the euro until China said they would help bail them out.

This is not bad news. It is just news. Whether you protect yourself against this, an unprecedented event, is up to you. I guess you have to decide whether you think the Yeti is going to knock on your door holding a flat box or not. 

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Anonymous said...

I almost wrote about that same AT article. The guy knows his liberals, doesn't he? Poor sods like me who depend almost entirely our Social Security pension are in for a very tough ride. I wonder if the divorce court judge would reconsider his ruling of 13 years ago? I won't hold my breath. Sigh!