Sunday, November 21, 2010

We Don't Read the Law, Yet We Pass the Law By Buying Votes, Then We Allow Our Friends to Break the Law

I have been following the Obamacare debacle since inception.

How do you know government is completely broken? When they cannot enforce the rule of law because they are so compromised and complicit, just as fundamentally corrupt and guilty, as the ones profiting and stealing our country's wealth. They become inseparable. That is Frankenstein Government. The inability to bring a single criminal charge in a worldwide central banking fraud with millions of fraudulent acts and a government that simply refuses to move a muscle. Who heads that enforcement division of the executive branch? Who is responsible?

Back to Obamacare. One hundred and eleven waivers have been handed out to giant corporations and unions to dodge the financial impacts of that bill. Unions that support and vote for Democrats. People that don't have to obey the law. I will tell you how bad this law is. I don't think anyone should obey or comply with it. Flat out. That disobedience is actually common sense. That's how common law came about. This video says it all.

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