Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Irish Are Pissed...Why Aren't We?

A snip from Zerohedge. Apparently 50,000 people are protesting and asking why they have to take the haircut for the banking sectors' failure.

No shit. We march for every cause in the U.S. but apparently the one that enslaves all of us, is of no consequence.

"What hurts me the most is why is the taxpayer paying for the IMF. Why are we bailing out the banks. These are the people who took the risk, let them take the hurt, let them feel the hurt." That is the common refrain of the tens of thousands of people who took to the streets today in Dublin, protesting against the government's rescue of various European banks (and Goldman Sachs) investment losses. More from RTE: "GardaĆ­ said that around 10,000 people started the march, however the crowd swelled to around 50,000 people as it moved down the quays. Speakers at the march had estimated that the crowd was between 100,000 and 150,000. A small group of around 400 protestors are currently at the front gates of Leinster House. Some 60 gardaĆ­ are lining the footpath in front of the building, with crash barriers erected in front of them."

You know come to think of it, the word "austerity" is just a smokescreen. I think the Irish are angry because in order to take the bailout, they have to actually make and enforce the cuts now. Feel the pain. In America, they'll just try to blow smoke up our asses until somebody finally admits we are broke. No pain for us. Yet.

Late entry. The Irish people say screw the banks. Let them default. This is precisely why the banker controlled eurozone refused to let the Irish government put the measure to a vote. They knew the crazy Irish would say up yours. Precisely what we should have done.

One last snip from knukles at ZeroHedge. Brother, I like your style.

by knukles
on Sun, 11/28/2010 - 20:12

A week or so ago delinated in open text here on ZH was my personal suggestion to Ireland's negotiating stance with the EU/IMF.  It is based solely upon one singular, finite, inviolate principle which I do truly in my heart believe should apply, not just in this the Irish case, but all similar. 
That principle is that there constitutes nothing within or by Nature or Nature's God that demands a people pay for the malfeasance of their elected government, its regulatory bodies, their public servants or criminal bankers chartered there by.
Thus, the singular and only negotiating position to be assumed is simply;
"Go fuck yourself."
The people shall not be raped for crimes they have not committed.
"Go fuck yourself."
To which the response already heard; "But but but, this may collapse the very EU and Euro, the Grand Experiment will fail!
"Go fuck yourself."
Dissolution shall be too costly!
"Why?  Each entity therein already has a duplicated infrastructure, reconstituted and overlaid thereupon by the EU.  Go fuck yourself."
Else so it shall go, night and day, into a seeming eternity.  Layering upon an already insurmountable, devastating debt load, more of the same in order to reclaim a mere pity of a semblance, a falsely promised normalcy of life, liberty and happiness for the innocents which they themselves shall not approve.


Anonymous said...

Why aren't we pissed? That's a good question. I think that maybe in fact we are pissed but we don't act on that emotion. Maybe too many of us suffer from the "You can't fight city hall syndrome". Did you happen to see my post "the Crisis that Never Was"? According to Dave Stockman, Reagan's Budget Director, the banking crisis was a sham. There is a whole lot of people that should be behind bars.

Brian said...

I read the post. It seems preposterous and inconceivable at first blush. But in fact the lines between an epic collapse and outright thievery were blurred.

In looking back, I feel convinced that Paulson's true aims were to do precisely what those authors allege. He had a convenient crisis. He created it. That he did this and had to create a fervent act NOW tone just as Obamas crew was coming in- is in fact, what woke me from my American slumber. I consider Hank Paulson to be the biggest criminal in the U.S. I mean that..thus my ode to him in my biography section.

Remember how he alone wanted to dole out the money and got hostile when Congress wanted oversight? Actually belligerent?

Hank and I should never meet. I've researched his antics and his money ad infinitum. It would turn out badly for him.