Friday, November 26, 2010

FDIC Chief Breaking Ranks, Donning Tinfoil, Calls for Urgent Action on Debt

Sheila Bair has officially joined up. Government types, even the heads of bankrupt government departments such as the FDIC, now catching on. That kind of fast acting savvy, designed to soften the blow for Dear Leader's admission that this might be something worth addressing, may usher in more patriotism in the form of American austerity.

Ten ways to slash the federal deficit by 131 billion or less than 1% of what we currently owe, like pissing on a forest fire, embedded within.

FDIC now officially the hardest working federal agency. The TSTS (too small to succeed banks) are the ones forced to realize losses. TBTF types get passes, Sheila told to stay away.

Cost of unemployment mounts. The 99 ers say damn the federal deficit, we want our free money. Petition Congress. Wall Street says "we got ours, screw yours." Let them eat soup.

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Anonymous said...

What has happened to our culture work ethics and fierce independents. It's pretty shameful that after 99 weeks they can be asking for more.