Saturday, November 20, 2010

They Dwell Among Us

Sometimes, words fail. I stumbled onto this piece of Bryan Fischer's while I was doing my a.m. scan of free radicals in the blogosphere.

I cannot tell you how difficult it is for me to read something like this and not personally attack the author.

I think what bothers me about this piece is that I have read similar rants by this author for years. What bothers me most I suppose, is Mr. Fischer's motivations. Not his credentials as a minister or something, or that he blogs under some "family" type disguise. Rather why does he choose a topic like this? Does he support killing? Does he somehow think that saving lives is less brave than taking lives?

Or does he just crave the attention? Does he enjoy writing things that inspire hate? Or is he just bashing government's motives in awarding medals? Does he actually believe he is wise, actually insightful, and that we are all going to sign on with his philosophy?

Ultimately, I don't know. I have read Bryan's stuff for years. I have commented on his opinions without ever receiving a reply. I have contacted him personally by email. I have always been greeted by silence. At one time, I actually toyed with the idea of attending his church which is just a few blocks from my home, just to meet him. That I decided against it is proof that my spirituality doesn't need the drubbing.

So I am going to be kind here. I am going to say that people are entitled to free speech and to their opinion. And leave it at that.


LisaAnn said...

"We have 'feminized' the Medal of Honor."

That Skanky Bastard - as a Woman I should go to his church WITH you and be the one to metaphorically kick his wimpy, never been to war, ass and teach him some respect. Not only is he diminishing the value of saving lives (I'll let him live), but he is also diminishing the value and strength of women as well, as his comment is certainly NOT complimentary but meant as an insult. Fucker.

OK... I'm calm now...

Brian said...

T think fucker sums it up nicely. Thanks.