Monday, November 15, 2010

Iceland Is What America Was

Can you imagine the chaos we would have- if "We the people" actually ran our country? If we could vote on the TARP bailout, union run GM, Obamacare, or Fed policy like quantitative easing? Giving moonbats like Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi migraines? It gives me goosebumps.

Imagine the possibilities. Failed banks with crooked bankers would be allowed to fail. We could actually vote to prosecute fraudulent bankers and rating agencies. Failed automakers and insurance companies wouldn't get a mulligan. A real health plan could be devised. QE2 would be scoffed at. Could we do any worse than the sociopaths now inhabiting Washington?

I don't think so. And guess what? The vast majority of us have never taken one campaign contribution. We aren't co-opted at any level. What mechanism would we use? 

They have this thing called a US Tax Return 1040. For individuals. It is filled out by the people who actually pay taxes. You know those people- the ones that have STANDING. The ones who get fleeced.
How about letting the people with standing submit their electronic or paper 1040 tax form along with their vote on these things? Can you imagine? Can you imagine voting to eliminate the Federal Reserve and replacing it with a US issued currency and monetary system with actual oversight and audits?

Or imagine this. Voting on a 1040 form to abolish the IRS, that 2500 page monstrosity of a tax code "gerry rigged" for the elite, and eliminate about a million accountants. Install a flat tax rate on all individuals and corporations. We'd have to hire the Boy Scouts to count that vote. Oh, the irony. Makes me giddy just thinking about it.

Would it work? Of course it would work. Until then- we can only fantasize. Free people exercising their right to govern themselves below. A middle finger to the bankers. Wish it wasn't so cold there.

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