Tuesday, November 16, 2010

All Of Your Money Belongs To Us

I can't begin to tell you what a horrific burden it is to be so incredibly witty, clever, and talented- it is truly a heavy load.

Of all of my formidable talents, the one talent I absolutely perfected over the years- was my incredible ability to buy out of the money put options and watch them expire worthless. Oh sure, a year or two later, I would be vindicated when some triggering event would enable the masses to discover that the underlying security they owned was worthless. It used to drive me- absolutely bat shit crazy- to listen to a CEO on a conference call use "weasel language." Carefully selected words and verbage that the CEO could "weasel" out of on some future conference call as investors were sharpening their guillotines. Hearing that shit was priceless. It pointed to the real fundamentals of the company.

Buying put options is tricky work because weasel language works. For awhile. Usually long enough for my options to expire worthless. The masses don't catch on until it is always too late. One of the reasons it takes people so long to catch on isn't because they are stupid. It is because they are too trusting. They are heavily invested in the credibility of the guy at the controls. And right now, the guy at the controls is Ben Bernanke.  Not only does he use 'weasel language" but if you take a look at his track record- you will find a guy that is incredibly wrong most of the time. This link illustrates that point perfectly. http://www.americanthinker.com/2010/11/why_isnt_peter_schiff_head_of.html

Bernanke looks and sounds like he knows what he is doing. He doesn't have a third eye on his forehead. But trust me when I tell you that Bernanke is absolutely clueless. A good ol boy, taking the easier and softer way, using weasel language. Actually, he is just a coward.

One by one, countries around the world are waking up bankrupt. First Iceland, then Greece, today Ireland. Europe is in big shit. So are we. All of the rhetoric and weasel language on the planet will not change the facts. Ultimately there will be a complete economic collapse, I just can't tell you when it will happen. I was never any good at timing that shit. Schiff predicted a collapse for five years before it actually happened. It will happen when the masses can no longer deny the facts- when the truth becomes self evident. As government and the FED try to weasel out of a crisis that they alone caused- they are going to steal every last penny that they can. 

They have pledged your tax dollars, your work product, as collateral on all of that debt they have issued. You are the promissory note. They don't have anything else.

I had a small businessman describe it accurately several years ago. That the government truly believes, that all of your money belongs to us.


Anonymous said...

We have to destroy the Fed before the Fed destroys the entire world. I'm just hoping there is still enough time.

As for that heavy load your carrying, I'm sure you can handle it.


Brian said...

Lmao...thanks Jim.