Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Galileo Effect

The U.S. is now entering year four...of depression recovery. Are you feeling Japanese yet? They are in about year twenty one of their recovery. I wonder if their government or media tries to bullshit them like ours does? I dunno.

This is what I know for sure. We have two fringe groups of radicals in this country. They are called Democrats and Republicans. Completely insane. You can spot them at Ace of Spades HQ or Huffington Post. They have completely gone off the rails. Our government loves that level of unconsciousness. In fact, government's very survival depends on perpetuating that type of thinking and keeping voters in a coma. By all measurements, the scheme is starting to develop cracks. Here's what the centrists can agree on. From a ZeroHedge snip...

Specifically, a Rassmussen poll conducted in February found:
70% [of all voters] believe that the government and big business typically work together in ways that hurt consumers and investors.
(and see this).
Remember that the government helped and encouraged the giant banks to get even bigger, and then has hidden their insolvency and shielded them from the free market, and helped them grow even during the severe downturn.
In return, the big banks and giant corporations have literally bought and paid for the politicians.
Conservatives might call it "socialism" and liberals might call it "fascism" - they are the same thing economically.

That 70% of people can agree on this is encouraging. I call it the Galileo effect. The Galileo effect is based on a simple premise. That just because you have the power and will to impose your radical beliefs, does not make it so. That dogshit does not become health food regardless of how desperately you want to make it so. That alchemy just doesn't exist.

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