Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ten Reasons To Hate Huffington Post (like you needed any)

I listen to the war drums because I am an aggregator and an amplifier. For several years now, I have tried to limit my daily intake of left and right wing fanaticism to two blogs. Ace of Spades and Huffington Post. They are polar opposites.

In terms of sheer writing ability, nobody can match Ace. He is simply the best political writer out there and he has a very insightful way of looking at things. Unfortunately, Ace is mired in the same two party rhetoric that has kept our country hostage for the last 50 years. He hasn't figured out yet that it's all one mongrel dog party. What Ace really clings to is core conservative values- unfortunately his party couldn't give two shits about conservative values. Ace is a true conservative who clings to a party that abandoned him at birth. He just doesn't know it yet.

A meandering slice of my Huffpo experience.

I began reading Huffington Post in 2010. I did that primarily to see if those people were any better informed than the dog pound over at Ace's. Perhaps I thought, they might generate something of value to read and they did. Once. I found it in the comments and actually had a conversation with somebody who wasn't hopelessly jaded. He was aware of the idea of corporate welfare or as my friend Billy loves to say...

"Privatizing profits and socializing losses." The new American corporate business model. Pay people chump change because you can- and then stick taxpayers with their SNAP card and Obamacare bills. One typical Walmart store might cost taxpayers nearly a million dollars a year.

That Adrianna Huffington sold this on line rag for 300 million- is proof positive that any idiot with too much money to spend- is still an idiot.

Here then is the list.

10. Huffington Post publishes a great deal of gossip and fluff. Anything that is narcissistic, superficial, and materialistic might very well find it's way onto Huffington Post's front page.

09. Adriana Huffington. I can't stand her elite, smug attitude. I always loved to find things that she had written and point out the obvious flaws. Of course, my comments were never published.

08. The commenters on Huffpo are some of the most ego centered and righteous people I have ever read or tried to carry on a flame war with. Many think quite highly of themselves. Maybe they just smoke too much pot.

07.  It is impossible to have a constructive conversation on Huffpost. The readers just make up shit and post it. Very often, daily in fact, I would ask for proof for some of their more outlandish statements. That would shut them up 90% of the time. The other 10% of the posters would start some childish "fuck you match" wherein any chance of exchanging constructive information was lost.

06. Badges. Who gives out little badges? Huffpost does. Some of the more prolific commenters have all kinds of these silly badges. It reminds me of those nerdy little girls when I was a child- girls who used to sit in the front row of class- thrusting their arms in the air anytime the teacher asked a question and getting a gold star on their foreheads. It happened. It still happens on Huffpo.

05. All things must lean left. Huffpo readers cannot have an original, independent thought. They can't carry on a conversation unless it's pro abortion, pro atheism, anti-gun, or some other democratic party tenet- real or imagined. It is so predictable- that it becomes quite predictable.  

04. Huffpo readers hate Republicans. These folks are professional haters and what's more- they REALLY think the GOP is the problem. That level of unconsciousness is awe inspiring.

03. Huffpo readers love Obama and they make more excuses for him than any man living or dead. Let's face it, if Obama were white, he'd be impeached by now. This worthless bastard gets a free pass because he is black. If he were judged on performance as one of our employees, most of us would fire him.

02. Censorship. Huffpo employs "moderators." These are people without lives who sit around their grandmother's basement and delete any comments they don't like. Hijacking and controlling the conversation is a typical Alinsky style tactic. They must delete thousands of perfectly good comments every day.

01. Fanaticism. If there was ever a statement that summed up the general thought process of a typical Huffpo reader it would be this one according to Winston Churchill, "A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject". By either description the fanatic displays very strict standards and little tolerance for contrary ideas or opinions.

There are so many worthwhile things you could be reading rather than Huffpo- like the ingredients on your shampoo bottle. Here's a fun song.


Anonymous said...

"Hate" is a strong word and should be used selectively, like the word "love". Think about it; how many times have you told some dame that you "loved" her only to regret your choice of language later? Or that you loved her when all you really wanted was get into her pants? Uh-huh, I thought so. So it is that the word "hate", like the word "love", should be used sparingly and only in the most compelling circumstances (besides, hate is an emotional cancer that can eat you up from within and does more harm to you than the object you despise). Rather than hate someone or something, simple say you cannot relate to him/it, which is certainly true and spares you the emotional baggage associated with the word hate. Just walk away from that which rankles you and say "I do not hate, I just cannot relate." Yes? No? Maybe?

Brian said...

Interesting. My first thought of course is that I have been invaded by the language police from Huffpo- however your words are well chosen and do not ridicule so that must not be the case.

Normally I agree and I think the word "hate" is over used. However, I really do hate Huffington Post for a variety of reasons. Huffpo is a mirror. It is what our society has become. A bunch of narcissistic, gossipy, cowards.

Look, I get your point and for the record, I don't sit and dwell or stew on things. I move quickly.

So what was I gonna call this piece? Ten reasons that I cannot relate to Huffpo? It doesn't exactly roll off the tongue or convey my real emotions for a place that harbors that much cowardice and judgement. Thinking about it now...Yea, I really do hate Huffpo- like ticks and traffic jams.

Thanks for swinging by...

Anonymous said...

You're right, Brian, when you say that to entitle this piece using the phrase "I cannot relate" rather that "hate" would not have conveyed the same level of disgust, repugnance and odium that you feel towards Huffpo. I simply don't want to see you, a good man, have a coronary when it comes to dealing with conceited, arrogant, cowardly, bullying, sanctimonious, two-faced, shit-eating hypocrites (ie liberals). I, personally, have tried to move past the stage of hating since it fucked me up royally for the longest time and most likely contributed to a bypass operation required a few years ago (I used to be an angry dude, or at least a lot angrier than I am now). Now, when dealing with difficult people or assholes in general, I simple say to myself that it's better to walk around shit than to walk through it, I cannot relate to this asshole (nor will I even try since there's more to be lost than gained), and I move on. Sorry for the scare (thinking you had been visited by some libtard fuckwad), but I was only trying to pass on a bit of wisdom (it seems wise to me, at any rate). Cheers.

Stendec said...

It is reassuring to know that my view of HuffPo is not a lone voice crying out in the wilderness. If it was a printed newspaper it would be unfit to wrap fish or to line the bottom of a birdcage. And the "writers"...oy, so many people off their medication, though that is compensated by the remainder, who are on some serious controlled substances. To read HuffPoop, er, HuffPo, is like reading The Daily Worker from the height of the Cold War with an assist from Pravda from strong measure. Look inside any liberal and you will find a totalitarian screaming to get out. The venom they spew also gives on chilling thoughts of 1984's "Two Minutes Hate." I guess if we do not buy into the liberal Big Brother (though Big Sister would be more politically correct for them) we must then be Emmanuel Goldstein. Take heart, however, the free market has shown that the public overwhelmingly rejects the liberal party line and I would be less than surprised to see them downsized to less than obscurity because fewer and fewer outlets wish to purchase their (politically laced) product. It may not be overnight, but hey, even the Chinese water torture took three days to take hold. In the mean time its great fun to get inside their heads by telling them they are no half as smart as Ann Coulter...that REALLY drives the libs nuts! Hang tough.

Dressed in the lion's skin, the ass spread terror far and wide.
--Jean de La Fontaine

Vika O. said...

Wow! Thank you for your post, finally a view about that website "I can relate to" :) I tried to go around the web to read about what every sides think about the failure of the Obamacare and when I found myself on the Huff Post, it was the only website that only found good things to say about it. According to them and all their readers, Obamacare is so good, it's everybody else who is evil. I have always found liberals to be somehow hypocrite and inconsistent in their views but the commentators on Huff Post confirmed it a great deal for me. I thought that these people were supposed to be the progressive ones, the ones who are more tolerant and more open-minded but no, they are the most narrow-minded people I know. They are only open-minded until you disagree with them. To them, you have to be pro-abortion otherwise you betray your own gender; you have to be pro-Obama otherwise you are racist; you have to be atheist otherwise you are just a dumb clueless delusional person. Me and friends are scattered all over the country and we send articles to one another a lot and they all know not to send me anything from Huff Post. Thanks again for a great post!

Anonymous said...

As a longtime poster at HP I can concur with your assessment. It is a hate site, nothing more. The pure hatred towards those they disagree with us unimaginable but truly sad. I will never believe in "liberal tolerance" ever again as its clear tolerance is a one-way street with liberals.

Anonymous said...

I'm not saying that I like the Huffington Post, but you sound just as bad.

Brian said...

Do you have any suggestions for improvement or are you just an asshole?

Anonymous said...

The Huff Puff Post is now requiring you to have a facebook page in order to comment on their articles. Yet another way to censor people from expressing their conservative opinions or challenge liberal ideology. I hate the Huffington. Is AOL the only server that carries these idiots, or are they on other venues.

Brian said...

I couldn't take it anymore after the big sign in change. The people at Huffpo are truly hateful and hopelessly jaded. Traffic to that site must have dried up almost completely- or made the few suckers who still comment there almost completely visible. Nothing there is worth reading. I believe that. It's all just leftist commentary.

Anonymous said...

You are correct, there is nothing worth reading at Huffpo. Yet, they seem to have a following if lemmings that can not help themselves. That sad truth is that once this country crashes the liberals will quickly realize what idiots they were to support a fascist government and dictator (Obama). What I can tell you with absolute certainty is this; All liberals are stupid. A smart liberal would be the equivalent to the Easter bunny, it doesn't exist.

Ricky Gilliland said...

No. No one likes or relates to idiots that call themselves journalists in the name of a pay day. Readers deserve more. Hate is a good description. IMHO