Wednesday, July 31, 2013

We Spend 1.1 Trillion a Year To Get 1.7 GDP Growth???

Wow. 1.7 GDP growth and of course, that will get revised lower.

Can you imagine what would happen to our "economy" if the FED wasn't injecting a trillion a year?

Unlike Huffpo, readers of the Frankenstein Government blog do not subscribe to hot air and bullshit. It just never seems to quit. Government revised GDP this morning to make all the suckers think the economy is doing better than it is.


Anonymous said...

No worries, as long as the dollar is the reserve currency and the U.S. remains the super military power of the world the U.S. will rule. I often wonder about all these gold and silver people telling everyone to buy gold and silver. Just ask one of these gloom and doom merchants, if gold and silver are going to be so valuable then why are these bullion dealers selling gold and silver for paper fiat ? Looks like a lot of people are being duped. The powers in charge will keep gold and silver capped and will then revalue the prices in the new currencies. The best items in the event of collapse will be water, food,bottles of liquor,tobacco,fuel and ammo. So spend you fiat on tradable goods, extra warm coats and other assorted clothing.

Anonymous said...

And. that's with the governments new fangled way of calculating GDP. Which, by the way. will increase the tax that businesses pay by making their profits articially higher. That should help the jobs problem, right? Sigh!