Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The End Game

Today I am going to talk a little bit about a fraudulent stock market that is close to bursting and other odd events that I am finding which are hard to dismiss.

Yesterday, I sold my position in a Russell 2000 ultra short fund. I was tired of getting my ass kicked when it suddenly dawned on me that we have not experienced the great "blow off top" that marks the end of bull markets- manufactured or genuine.

So I GTFO. Thank God. I watched today as the DOW set a new record. Aren't you overjoyed?

I would like you to consider a couple of things that are going on concurrently. I can offer references if you need validation.

Each year, our government spends 1.2 trillion dollars a year that it doesn't have. They call this deficit spending. In addition, the FED is buying 85 billion dollars per month both in mortgages and treasuries. When we add the 1.2 trillion of debt we add each year with the 1.1 trillion of funny money that the FED uses to print and buy mortgages and treasuries...

Our government is adding 2.3 trillion dollars per year in spending and debt- money that does not exist. Money that flows into fraudulent GDP figures as all of that government spending cooks the books. Think about the 2700 armored vehicles that Homeland Security just bought. Or drones. ( I selected this link specifically because I believe the author is practicing some apprehension, disbelief, or cognitive dissonance which seems appropriate for this piece) http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2013/03/what_does_dhs_need_with_2700_armored_vehicles.html

All of that make believe money has to go somewhere. Right now, the only game in town is the stock market. The FED and it's member sycophants have ruined every other asset class as bankers, hedge funds, retirement fund managers and anyone else who relies on returns and yield are getting funneled into the investment of last resort. Ben Bernanke's POMO fueled, inflated stock market which is getting very close to completely bursting.

It's blow off top time. After that, the mother of all bear markets and staggering inflation. People, millions of them, are going to be financially ruined. And they are going to be PISSED. How do I know that?

Because that is the history of money printing. Always. Wealth is destroyed- and the people with tangible assets, real money like gold, art, and farmland- make it. Everyone else gets cooked.

But don't take my word for it.

Ludwig von Mises – Austrian Economist (1881- 1973)

Don't think that the government doesn't see this coming. That's why we are seeing 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition being purchased by DHS, drones used domestically, and 2700 armed Homeland Security tanks. They ain't doing that to defend against invading forces- they are doing that to protect themselves from you.

If they can grab your guns first- that's even better.

Here's the best part. The vast majority of people practice cognitive dissonance. I am convinced that they do. They think there is no way that our government could be planning for events like that. That's how sheep think. Those wolves won't eat us. They like us. That's how government is assembling and amassing right before your very eyes- additional IRS agents, ammunition, domestic drones and tanks, a domestic fighting force. They are preparing. They know what is coming.

If you don't think government will shoot you, pls. read this. http://www.propublica.org/nola/story/nopd-order-to-shoot-looters-hurricane-katrina

So do I. I have never been this nervous in my life. I do not practice cognitive dissonance which is to say, I rely on what people do- I don't believe anything that they say. Right now my government is amassing a domestic fighting force while our President has just signed a bill giving him lifetime Secret Service protection. What are they saying? That all of this is simply precautionary and for our benefit...

That is patent bullshit.

Now you get to believe what you want to believe. You can discount everything that your lying eyes are showing you (tangible evidence) and you can believe your government's statements instead. (heresay)
Let me tell you a little secret. When four armed men with masks on rush your home they are not there to deliver flowers. Even if they say so and even if you desperately want to believe it.

Ever hear the leftists, the great statists, call other people conspiracy theorists? They do this because they practice cognitive dissonance. They simply can't believe that the Frankenstein Government that they have created and have been supporting so long- would turn on them. So instead, they call you a nutjob, a tinfoil hatter.

I suppose that's exactly how it was in Germany about 1937. The world ignored a lot of shit- practiced a lot of cognitive dissonance while Hitler amassed a gigantic army. That's what sheep do, that's what they are. They are self deluded- they lie to themselves. They rely on hope. They can't believe their lying eyes even as the wolves are about to slaughter them.

I think it's time for us to consider the very real likelihood, that shit is about to get really bad. They have drawn the roadmap for you- all you have to do is look at the fucking thing.

I shall leave you with a definition of one of the four types of cognitive dissonance. I think it's the one that is most appropriate here.

Belief disconfirmation paradigm

Dissonance is aroused when people are confronted with information that is inconsistent with their beliefs. If the dissonance is not reduced by changing one's belief, the dissonance can result in restoring consonance through misperception, rejection or refutation of the information, seeking support from others who share the beliefs, and attempting to persuade others.


Anonymous said...

Yes Brian we will have a major collapse. I have a contact whose sister is inside and explained that the current measures that are being taken are for protection. The protection of government officials and property. Think Xmas at Wal-Mart, all those insane people beating the shit out of each other for a piece of plastic made in China. That is who the government is preparing for. Can you now imagine what these same people will do if a bank holiday is instituted? Can you imagine EBT cards and welfare checks being stopped? The bottom line is that those who pose a physical threat will be neutralized. If you prepare and do not pose a threat you shoul be ok. Don't get me wrong, the change of America does not make me feel good but it is now a game of surrvival. Judgement day is arriving right on schedule. God help all of us.

Fredd said...

The US government is pretty big, Brian. For a conspiracy to hold together, the fewer people that are on the inside, the better. This government conspiracy of yours would have to involve hundreds of thousands of insiders.

Don't you think a few of them would rat out the scheme? Just a few?

And FYI: when the Big Meltdown comes, people with tangible assets will NOT make it. They will become targets. THere's way more displaced people looking to take your stuff than you have bullets to stop them. The odds are huge that the big pile of gold you are hoarding to protect you after the Apocalypse will be in the hands of someone you don't know sooner or later. And without your permission.

Preppers (if you watch that ridiculous show Doomsday Preppers) will be nothing more than grocery stores for the mobs.

Brian said...

The scheme requires one non elected man. Ben Bernanke. That's it.

Tell me Fredd, just why do you think the DHS bought 2700 tanks? Or 1.6 billion rounds of ammo? Or drones?
To protect you from the boogeyman?

Cognitive dissonance it what the piece is about.

Fredd said...

OK, Brian. Let's play out your conspiracy. All of the tank commanders of those 2700 tanks have to be in on the conspiracy, too, along with Big Ben. Otherwise, when they are ordered to start blowing away their fellow citizens, that is not going to sit well with at least 2683 of the tank commanders, dontcha think?.

Not to mention all of the drone pilots, and all of the people loading their guns with those 1.6 Billion rounds of ammo who will be ordered to kill regular Joe's in Toledo by Janet Napolitano, that kind of madness simply won't happen. I was in the army for a long time, Brian, and and I can tell you right here and now that American soldiers will just not take those kinds of orders.

Your end of the world conspiracy just won't hold water.

Brian said...

Fredd are you serious?

How many people do you think were killed in New Orleans by cops and soldiers following orders after Katrina? Do you really think that the DHS goons are going insubordinate when the government orders martial law?

People follow orders Fredd- just like you did.

Byw Fredd, drones don't have pilots.

When the shit hits the fan and soon, I think you are going to be quite shocked at the lengths at which your government is capable of doing to...to protect itself. The dollar will collapse. It s only a matter of when.

It's not the end of the world I am talking about- it is the collapse of the dollar. Coming to a theater near ou whether you wanna believe it or not. The end.

Fredd said...

That's nuts, Brian.

And drones have pilots, Brian. Trained aviators fly those things. They are just not onboard, that's all.

I suggest you better get started building your bomb shelter.

SB said...

You must be a Holocaust denier too. Because surely no one on the army would follow orders to commit genocide. Against their own citizens. It couldn't have happened. And they wouldn't round up the sick and old and euthanize them. Give me a break, someone would say no.

If 2683 tank commanders refuse, they'll just bury the 2683 and find 2683 who will obey. The EBT mob would gladly participate if they get paid. They already believe that we don't have a spending problem, that their situation is the fault of successful people who don't pay their fair share, and that they can't make it on their own anyway. Clearly partnering with their "nanny" to protect the goods is the next logical step.

Brian said...


You are not required to come here or read this if you are so highly offended. If you just want to argue and be an asshole- go somewhere else.

Drones, ammo, armored vehicles, and additional DHS/IRS agents are facts and Eric Holder saying that the gov can kill you on American soil w/o due process are facts. (he has since retracted that statement)

For the last time...the blog is about cognitive dissonance...something you are clearly practicing. Read the definition.

Brian said...

One other thing. In 2007, I met a New Orleans cop who personally told me that the police force shot and killed about 180 people after Katrina. Mostly he said, they were young black drug dealers. I have not been able to verify that- only to the extent that this cop shot some people according to him, and official death tallies after Katrina were around 1000. Causes of death were always assumed to be drowning- but we don't know that.

Your OPINION is noted. History does not support your rose colored view of what gov employees will actually do.

conservativesonfire said...

Germany just annouced a budget plan to end deficits in 2015. Germany is repatiotizing their gold. Think mayby they know something?

Anonymous said...

My daughters ex boyfriend was reserve during Katrina. He was activated and sent to New Orleans. He told me first had they had orders to shoot to kill and although there was not massive numbers of people shot, it still happened.

Brian said...

I have friends who are cops in N.O. who shot people.

I even had to kick a guy outta here who just could not believe that kind of thing happens (see Fredd above)

Thanks for stopping by.