Friday, March 1, 2013

The Facebook Society

In like a lion today.

Centuries from now, while sifting through the ruins of our society, anthropologists are bound to find Facebook. Facebook is the grade school for adults. Go ahead and read that shit posted on Facebook. Compare it to 4th grade show and tell. Discover what you already know- but haven't stopped to think about.

Those anthropologists are going to look at Facebook, cellphones, Ipods, Ipads, laptops, and wonder how it was that a society which clearly had the means to communicate- couldn't communicate. With all of these fantastic communication devices- how was it that our society could not get on the same page?

I am going to tie this all up with a nice big ribbon in just a moment.

There is a special kind of wisdom that comes from a lifetime of dealing with charlatans and liars. I wish I could tell you that the charlatans and liars are going to lose.

But, I can't. Right now the liars and chrlatans are winning and good does not always triumph over evil. This ain't Mary Poppins.

I quit writing a couple of weeks ago because after awhile- all that writing just sounds like whining and bitching. It sounds like that because it is. I began to realize the naked truth. The charlatans are winning and bitching about it isn't changing anything. Except me. I have grown increasingly frustrated with our Facebook Society that is more interested in Kim Kardashian's boobs than a Federal Reserve Bank which is literally- gutting the wealth, heart, and soul of the middle class.

To live in our world right now is a fantastic struggle between good and evil. We can no longer tell the good men from the bad men. The good men have been isolated and marginalized. They are no longer prominent. The good men have been relegated to the shadows and stashed in the back waters. They were divided and conquered by a majority mob of fearful people who cannot conceive nor accept the truth. Nothing sums it up better than that. The mob has the maturity of 4th graders.

You cannot teach wisdom when nobody really knows what that is. You can't tell people the difference between a constitutional republic guided by a rule of law (what we are supposed to have) and this insane mob rule democracy that we have now. (what we have devolved into due to a lack of courage and leadership) The Facebook society doesn't care about inflation, eroding values, loss of freedom nor do they see any value in caring about any of this. Think about it. When you were ten years old, did you really care about politics?

This shit is about to change in a dramatic fashion. In fact, this fall when people are asked to shell out thousands of dollars that they don't have- or get taxed and penalized for what they do have- the Facebook Society is going to wonder WTF hit them.

So as they raise taxes, inflate away all of your savings, and stick a big multi thousand dollar Obamacare tax enema up your ass this fall...

It will be my turn to serve up some apathy. Where were you when we needed you? Running around town bashing evil conservatives with your Obama sticker on your Volvo? Reading Huffpo and posting stupid shit about your trip to Timbuktoo on Facebook?

You want sympathy? Sorry, I'm fresh out. Instead of sorry, I might even say, "fuck you." The problem with the 4th graders on Facebook is that unlike the 4th graders down at Garfield elementary- Facebook fourth graders get to vote. And because of that, we re-elected 94% of the members in Congress that our best polls said we disapproved of by outrageous margins as high as 91%. We re-elected a charlatan President who wasn't even raised in this country. Please don't tell Chris Stevens and his bereaved family that elections don't have consequences. It is amateur hour in Washington largely thanks to our Facebook Society. A bunch of fourth graders masquerading as adults who don't know shit about our government but think they do.

There. That's just about as clear as I can be.

The anthropologists will figure this out. They will see that we had all of these fantastic methods of communicating but instead of talking about the things that mattered-

We talked about our trip to St. Kitts instead. So it is...

You can talk to 4th graders all you want but that doesn't mean they have the means or the skills to comprehend the importance of what you are saying. At some point, you've got to walk away. Unfortunately you cannot take away the right of our current "grown ups" to vote for charlatans. Now if you'll excuse me, I think I will wander over to Facebook and read about who likes who, recent trips, witty sayings, and see who is playing "Lucky Slots."


TJ said...

Poignant but very true. Wise words to take heed to. Glad you're hanging in there.

Anonymous said...

Great to see you back Brian. I've been a long time reader but I've never commented. What's there to say when I agree with virtually everything you write? Things are about to get interesting and those of us who've had a target on our backs for at least the last 4 years will finally be heard.

Anonymous said...

Brian, glad you are back!


Anonymous said...

Brian, thank God you are back! I was starting to get worried...
I am completely with you on how voters manage to elect these worthless and corrupt politicians year after year. Even though Congress has approval ratings that are practically in the negative digits (if such a thing could be possible, and where they should be, as far as I'm concerned), nothing ever changes. How in the world is such a thing possible?! Is it a case of "everyone else sucks, except for my congressman?" It absolutely baffles my mind. I live in California, the San Francisco Bay Area, so I definitely see a lot of this first-hand.
And now we are paying for it dearly, with smaller paychecks (as one example), taxed to oblivion by morons who can't balance a budget and run a 15 trillion (and climbing) deficit. These people couldn't run a lemonade stand, and their only solution is to take more from us. Because they claim to know better than we do on how to manage our money. What a crock of B.S. All due to these Facebook voters who want the "flashiest" candidate.
Thank you always for being one of the greatest breaths of fresh air on the internet, I am completely serious. God bless you my friend, and keep up the good work! Stay strong!


Anonymous said...

Glad to have you back!

Brian said...

Thanks you guys. I've decided to keep writing- I'm just going to post a lot less.

I've got a lot for things going on right now. It's weird when I think, "Where did I find all of the time to do all of the shit that I need to get done when I was working?" Then I remember, oh yea- I was in government and it all makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Your back. Thank God


Brian said...

Thanks Chief rider. Oh...Canada...oh Canada. Do they sell Indian parts in Canada?

Anonymous said...

Here I thought you would let me know when you started writing again. :-(

I can remember when stupid people knew they were stupid. Now, stupid people think they are smart. How else could Obama be elected twice?