Wednesday, March 6, 2013

This Woman Has Balls- Orly Taitz

I have often thought that the one thing that truly successful people have is a bulldog style, a never give up level of perseverance.

Ask Harry Markopolis about that.

Orly Taitz is trying to get to the bottom of the Obama mystery. She refuses to give up. While the rest of the country quite frankly doesn't seem to give a shit, Orly keeps on chugging along. She reminds me of that poor sap Harry Markopolis who spent 9 years trying to ferret out Bernie Madoff.

In the end Markopolis prevailed. The SEC, the fucking chumps that they are- did nothing.

Here's Orly's site. Interesting video. The mystery of Obama's Massachusetts social security number, like so many other things (transcripts, scholarships, girlfriends, passports) have never been answered.

The vid is about 4 mins. She has just served subpoenas on the judiciary committee.


Anonymous said...

what has happened to the hearing before the supreme ct. ?

Brian said...

I am guessing nothing. I don't expect anything to happen until Obama is out of office. Then I think the real investigating can take place.

Incidentally, I also believe that is why he gave himself lifetime Secret Service protection. ( and threw Bush in to make it look good)