Thursday, January 31, 2013

Obedient Lawmen Protect Their Image, That Is Always Job One

Gun Control

In Boise, the Ada County Sheriff has been employed by the county for nearly 30 years. He didn't get that job nor does he keep that job by making disobedient statements or by rendering personal opinions.

People expect community leaders to make rational statements. So Gary Raney's statement about gun control is really pretty predictable. Raney knows that gun control efforts are all bluster and that eventually the issue will pass. Either way, it won't matter much to him. When the smoke clears, Raney will look just like the smart, level headed Sheriff who Ada County voters elected. His statement about gun control is really about how smart, rational, and re-electable he is.

Boilerplate statement follows:


Arizona S.B. 1112

In Arizona, law makers have had enough of the Federal Government eroding the Constitution and usurping the authority of states to govern themselves. This is where I line up. This is also why I am "retired." Taking a a pro oath Constitutional stand means alienating the Ada statists and losing votes. Sheriff Raney would never take a stand such as that- and indeed he didn't. Good sheriffs always think about their image and the next election. Arizona lawmakers apparently aren't too worried about the liberal vote.

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Anonymous said...

Np worries, mate. When they finally take away all privately owned guns and only government cops have guns, the police unions will turn to capitalism. They'll negotiate the right to have a Rent-a-Cop business on the side. Since only conservatives and libertarians like gums, they willl be hired as Rent-a-Cops with full SWAT gear and weapons. The ubber rich will rent as many Rent-a-Cops as they think they need and the police unions will get so rich they'll incorporate and sell shares. The whiny liberals will cry that it's not fair that only the rich can afford Rent-a-Cops, so Comgress will pass a law that the government to tax the rich a lot more to supply Rent-a-Cops to all the middle class and the poor. There will be full employment among conservatives and libertarians. The rich won't take this lying down, so they'll have the Federal Reserve print a lot more money and shovel it their way again, so they can afford to pay the higher taxes and still be rich.