Monday, January 28, 2013

New Site Construction*Updated

Forgive me for playing around with the blog this week. I'm one of those guys that gets bored with things looking the same way, day after day.

Every once in awhile, you just have to move the furniture around. 

So I am going to play around with the layout of this blog until I find something new and exciting- something that will draw readers here- because my writing sure as hell ain't getting it done.

Anything a normal human being can do in an hour or two- takes me about three days.  

*Meh. I am already getting tired of trying on the sweeping changes that I envisioned. I am "color challenged." Think I am just going to stick with the blue theme and blocky letters for awhile. 


Anonymous said...

Any way of keeping the flipcard feature, Brian? It's great for looking at a lot of subjects in an easy way.

Anonymous said...

Change can be a good thing even when there is no good reason for the change.

Marcus said...

Nothing wrong with doing what works (blue theme and blocky letters, that is). Geez, Brian, you scared me a bit with a completely different layout earlier today. Thought you were going a bit "progressive" on me (I'd have to give you a slap or two, for your own good, if that were the understand). I'm an old fart and I hate change. Hell, I don't even change my adult diapers when they're soiled, but that's just as much a fetish as anything else (sorry, too much information). Stick with what works, buddy. There's too much change too fast in today's screwed up world, which is maybe why it's screwed up.

Brian said...

Thanks Marcus.

I ran out of patience. I don't even like the blue. Prob gonna land back where I started.
Thanks for swingin by...