Monday, January 28, 2013

Iranian Nuke Plant Gets Blown Up...American Media Reports...Nothing

I'm sticking my neck out here. I think this story is credible.

Apparently some super secret Iranian nuke plant got blown up a week ago- and I have yet to see one story about it from the "American media."

In the American news world, we get a steady diet of absolute bullshit, like whether or not Notre Dame football player Manti Te'o had a real girlfriend or not. There are pages and pages of that garbage on google.

It's a closed loop. The rich and elite own the media and they feed us crap like this to peruse. There is no way that our "leaders" don't know about this. No way. We get a football player with a make believe girlfriend. We get a steady diet of that. God help us.

Here's the story in a London tabloid.

The reason I think this story is true is because of the way it is leaking out- via worried family members. This is how I would expect it to leak out if in fact Iran tried to hush it all up and avoid embarrassment. I think the Israelis' got em. Maybe us. This is also the same type of shit Russia pulled with Chernobyl sans the sabotage. Never said a word. So this makes sense to me. We'll find out in the coming weeks.

Here is Iran's denial in the BBC. If you want real news- turn to sources outside the U.S.

Thanks, Pat.


Anonymous said...

Yes comrades you will be informed of only what you need to know. Now go enjoy regular programing on any U.S.S.A network.

Anonymous said...

I hope the story is true, but WND is not a very reliable source. Yesterday I searched the Telegraph, Der Speigle and even Al Jezeera and could find nothing to collaborate the story.

Anonymous said...

I want more coverage of Justin Bieber, dammit!