Monday, October 22, 2012

Sheep and Muppets

The fascinating thing about sheep and muppets- is that the sheep and muppets always think someone else is the sucker.

The truth is- millions upon millions of people are suckers. That makes the likelihood that you are a sucker- pretty good. The goal of the wise guys is simple. They convince the sheep and the muppets to turn over their money. They make gobs of money by taking advantage of math challenged sheep and muppets.

It really is that simple.

I have often written on how capitalists prey on their own. They do this without a conscience. Capitalists justify it by saying it's your fault for not educating yourself rather than applying some ethical or moral responsibility to themselves. Stealing from the poor and uneducated, whether it's legal or not, is deplorable. A fair profit for your work or service used to be the standard. Now days, corporate America
will charge you just as much as humanly possible- so long as it is marginally legal.

Behold that low bar.


Anonymous said...

Hey, man, if I wanna steal candy from babies, then it's the babies' fault if they're too ignorant to know what's happening, so they're getting what they deserve. Got it? It's the babies' fault!

Brian said...