Monday, October 22, 2012

Don't Vote At All

Great blog on ZeroHedge.

This is an excellent piece on why you shouldn't vote at all. I liked it a lot and Casey made some excellent points. But Casey offers no solution. Not voting, as Casey advocates, will accomplish nothing. Someone will always vote. Casey seems more invested in protecting a superior ego which maintains that not voting- allows you to escape responsibility for our broken system.

I don't see the solution there.

But for those of you who agree, this piece might be for you. Interesting enough to link.


kathleen kirkpatrick said...

Sad comment heard at work today after me mentioning that they can vote for a third party in lieu of republican and democratic....
"Voting for the third part only makes sure that my vote is wasted which means Obama will win".
Not voting at all or voting for someone you don't want in office reminds me that we no longer live in a democracy. People vote because they are told they have to, not because they believe it makes a difference in their lives.

Brian said...

I would argue this. Any vote cast in the past 24 years was wasted. Unless people think the "winners" helped our country. I think we agree. Vote well or not at all. I don't vote for lesser evils.

Anonymous said...

Another libertarian friend of mine had this suggestion:

Libertarians in the swing states that will decide the election should vote for Romney. Message: Obama has to go.. In states that solid Republican wins, libertarians should vote for Gary Johnson. In syayes where the Democrats are sure to win, libertarian and conservative Republicans should vote for Gary Johnson. That way the Libertarian Party could draw enough votes to possibly scare the other two parties into modifying their ways and more importantly it would give the Ñibertarian Party some much needed credibility with the general public.

Anonymous said...

Like George Carlin said, I'm gonna stay home on voting day and jerk off instead. At least then I'll have a little something to show for my effort.