Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sans Tele-prompter, Obama Turns Into a Cupcake

The smartest guy in the room. Meh.

So without a tele-prompter or a record of achievement, the King of scripted and rehearsed speaking actually had to debate a man that does not use a tele-prompter and who actually possesses a record of achievement.

One of the problems of having failed to deliver on just about every campaign promise you have made- while ignoring the rule of law and expanding the welfare state dramatically- is that it doesn't exactly allow you to rest on your laurels. You are forced into a defensive posture.

Obama was not able to list achievements at Wednesday night's event because he doesn't have any. The only achievement he has, Obamacare, was not done with bipartisan support and most importantly- the users or stakeholders (us) were never involved in the process.

Obama may be the most divisive President I have ever witnessed. In addition to pissing off everyone in the GOP, the military, foreign leaders like Putin and Netanyahu- Obama even pissed off his own cabinet members. Many have deserted him. Remember? Even Clinton calls Obama an amateur.

That speaks volumes about this guy.

Obama inherited the dream trip. He was following a horrible and inept President Bush. In 2008, Republican nominee McCain wasn't even liked by the GOP faithful. Sarah Palin didn't bring much to the ticket.

One last item worth noting is that Obama spent the three days prior to last night's debate golfing in Las Vegas. This is the same work ethic many of his fellow students claim that he had in college, the same work ethic he has displayed as a President. That's how this guy rolls. Obama has played golf at least 105 times since becoming President.

Personally, I think Obama is a disaster. I wouldn't hire him to run a Subway sandwich shop. I'm not kidding. Electing an elite banker as an alternative hardly gets my pulse racing- but these are the choices your masters have given you. I am not voting for either. The rich and elite can kiss my ass.

Obama, with no record of achievement, no tele-prompter, and three days of golf in Las Vegas, looked exactly like he should have Wednesday night. Like Mitt Romney's cupcake.



Anonymous said...

How dare you, Brian. How dare you criticize Obama, a man who is greater than JFK, Martin Luther King and Jesus Christ combined, a man who delivers hope and change to millions and who will stop the rise of the oceans during our lifetimes. Don't you remember how bad it was during the Bush years? Do you really want to go back to that? I sure don't, and I praise God every day for giving me Obama. In fact, and I don't think it's a stretch to say so, I do believe that Obama is the second coming of Christ. All hail Obama, he's just that great.

Ugh, that was tough! It was all I could do to keep from puking as I typed high words of praise for the greasy little turd who now calls himself President of the United States. And that line about him being too incompetent to manage a Subway Sandwich shop? Too funny, and too true. Be nice with your comments about Obama from now on, Brian. Criticize him too much (or at all) and you're likely to be branded a racist.

Brian said...

Ya know, I've never thought Obama was that smart. He manages to string a few words together but he is really just so much bluster. He reminds me of those professors who have settled on their view of the world, which is generally fucked up. They then set about the task of trying to get the rest of us to buy into their philosophy...even when it fails. As Obama's has.

Anonymous said...

As my dear mother would say, "he's smooth alright, smooth as a bucket of shit".