Friday, October 5, 2012

Real Unemployment Rate Is 12.5%, Best Evidence Here

I was in a state of shock when the BLS unemployment print came in at 7.8%- particularly right before an election with an Obama appointee heading the agency.

Of course I knew that number was ridiculous. Does anybody believe today's number? Short answer. No. In fact, we're wondering why the government just doesn't say everyone has a job. I mean, if you're gonna lie...why fuck around with the white lies?

I've been scouring the web all day trying to find somebody who can accurately dissect these manipulated numbers and get to the truth. Figures never lie, liars figure.

I found the right piece at naked capitalism.

Coincidentally, the huge move down in the unemployment report happens at the same time we set another all time record for food stamps. Go figure.


Anonymous said...

Well Brian, we finally have become a Soviet country. Back in the day of the Soviet Union, this kind of B.S. was a daily occurrence. I guess the powers to be have decided
that it is time for a B.S. revival and using the Soviet model seems to be the path of choice. To all who understand what is actully going on, get ready it is not going to end well. Keep Stacking !

Anonymous said...

The whole works is just a fraud ponzi scheme...Have to go now. Black helicopter overhead.AE